Et Tu Barrett?

It’s been tough times for Chuck, he’s had to throw some people under the bus. Barret Brown clashed with Killgore Trout in the battle of Leftists. As always, Barret discovered that you don’t mess with certain people on the blog.

Barret Brown is many things, but a Russian or Chinese spy he’s not. I don’t blame him for flouncing. When a Leftist loon leaves LGF, it indicates that things are really over the edge over there. Clearly Killgore Trout is attempting to replace Alex Jones as the craziest conspiracy theorist on the web. He once again used his clout to eliminate someone who disagreed with him. Brown discovered as Ludwig did earlier, that no matter how much you defend Chuck, if someone in the inner circle comes after you, your time is done at LGF.

Meanwhile as Barret Brown’s flounce sinks in, Chuck asks “Et Tu Barret”?

Chuck’s Ironic comment

The Jazz Man has inserted himself into the wikileaks controversy to try to be a player again. This is not working as he his blog has become a cult and his backstabbing of Ludwig shows his treacherous untrustworthy nature. In an ironic comment, he talks about Assange’s lack of transparency.

This coming from a man who for a few days closed off comments to the general public. transparency for everyone except Chuck. What a hypocrite!

In Search of the elusive Quixote

This blog is in distress. The primary source of material has been missing in action for over a week. In a desperate attempt to find evidence of the continued existence of the elusive Quixote of Ludwig, a call was sent out over the hailing channel of the internet:

The results aren’t very encouraging. Most replies were references to Diary of Daedalus and Blogmocracy, with a significant number of echoes of Ludicrousness at Littlegreenfootballs 1.0. However, there were a few faint pings from outside of this triad, though most of them lead back to the triad.

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