Chuck admits Man can’t control the Climate

Chuck is now admitting man can’t control the climate. His latest post is about Oceans releasing gasses. He laments nothing man does, can change this.

Is this the real reason Chuck threw Ludwig under the bus? He wants to distance himself from his previous hardcore man-made global warming stance?

Who’s the Wise Guy?

Some wiseacre going by the handle “Wanker678” managed to create some Urban Dictionary entries:

The guilty party will step forward or you’re all banned.

Wednesday Night Screencap

A couple weeks ago, CJ told the cult that I had sneakily used my sockpuppet account to search the LGF archives for old comments left by prominent, long-time lizards.  He was very matter-of-fact about it (“this is how he got them”).

Again, it wasn’t like that, and for the most part, I found old comments by other methods. Even if I did, this is a strange new kind of victim card he’s playing, as if my using LGF’s search function is akin to an assault on his website, and a violation of its sanctity.

But, just in case Charles actually believes his own BS, I’m going to throw this out there:

Let the sock-hunt begin!