The LvQ Fan Club

It looks like we’re not the only ones jonesing for some Lood:

C’mon, Chuck. We’re going into hypoquixotic shock! Cold turkey isn’t cool, man. Bummer with a capital L.

Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!!

H/T nils.

20 Comments on “The LvQ Fan Club”

  1. 1389AD says:

    LvQ is LGF’s counterpart to Islamic Rage Boy.

  2. a-nona-mouse says:

    Need to have a clock running… I think this is going to be the longest timeout in history

  3. Stay tuned. It gets better…

  4. Stillactive says:

    Was JamesShitCat fooling around in Lewdie’s lab?
    ShitCat. Don’t drink out of any of the Beakers! Look at what happened to Lewdie. I think there is a Jeckel / Hide thing going on!

    FREE LEWDIE! DON’T DE-LEWD US! AGW…WHAT’S THAT SPELL? (no really. is that like Spanish texting for water?)

  5. snowcrash says:

    LOL there is a Free LvQ! banner under the script Blogmocracy logo in the right column.

  6. snowcrash says:

    Is there an online petition to sign? Or a letter to Santa? Maybe Amnesty International can help. We have to do something.

  7. Beeduwine says:

    Free brother Ludwig!

  8. Stillactive says:

    snowcrash :
    Is there an online petition to sign? Or a letter to Santa? Maybe Amnesty International can help. We have to do something.

    Maybe we could scrape some Lizzard Bucks together. Chunk! Please let us know what you want us to do. Don’t De-Lewd us.


  9. I hate to be the splash of cold water here, but is it possible that Ludiot has moved on to another nic? It is possible that he felt some personal shame at being exposed as a fraud, and will now re-emerge as a different scientist, Jew, whatever is convenient for his immediate argument. This time out has lasted a good long while now, and like Sharmuta, may just not return as Ludiot.

    • My Little Ponytail says:

      If so, you know it’s only a matter of time before he starts in with his rabbinical rants about climate chaos and frakking again. Can’t teach an old dog new stripes.

    • nil stooge says:

      LewdWig couldn’t pull off ‘normal’, even over the internet.

  10. Village Idiot's Apprentice says:

    Any registered user could click his football to check his status.
    But 10 to 1, Chuck is looking for that action to spot a sock.
    Don’t do it unless you are willing to lose a sock, and give up an IP address to do it.

    Just like I always thought that the private threads were an opportunity for Chuck to watch who logged on, and cleanse the unfaithful, so to speak.

  11. snowcrash says:

    If Ludwig does show up, it will be a Festivus miracle. LOL

  12. BTW- I’ve got a thread scheduled for 6PM EST that will shed light on what ‘jamesfirecat’ is talking about here (oh yea, you’ll like it). Before that, Daedalus has a thread set for the top of the hour (3PM EST).

    Just another day of DoD hilarity!

  13. GrandJunctionite says:

    Media Matters has their spies at Fox. DOD has theirs at the TehSwamp LOL

  14. GrandJunctionite says:

    22 Charles
    Wed, Dec 15, 2010 11:50:37am replyquote 4downupreport

    Note: I restored 000G’s account, because he emailed and apologized for acting like a jerk.

    Now what about LVQ Chuck? Free LVQ!

  15. buzzsawmonkey says:

    Jim Skafish doing “Fan Club”: