Chuck’s Quote of the Day

Chuck shares his wisdom on the latest battle over Tax rates. As always he claims its about racism.

Racism and Nazis, this is all Chuck talks about.He really needs to bring back Ludwig, he’s become very lame.

A follow up by the great Weasel Zippers who links to us.


Runner-up QotD:


Stuff CJ Forgot To Delete: The LGF FAQ

Many of the old LGF regulars will remember the LGF FAQ linked in the sidebar, as sort of an ‘about’ page for new visitors.  The link has been gone for some time, but even after all these years, the page is still live (for now):

Now, as I post this, non-logged in visitors cannot access any of the comments referenced on that page (see: The Battle for the LGF Archives: All Comments Pre-2008), but hopefully CJ will turn them back on for everyone. This is obviously an important part of LGF history, and it’s pretty sad that we have to be the ones who are trying to preserve it.

Update:  Not surprisingly, CJ tossed the LGF FAQ into the memory hole.  Not to worry, I made sure to grab an HTML copy.  So, for the record, I’ll post the FAQ in its entirety below the fold:

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Behind the walls of the gated community

As doppelganger mentioned on the previous thread…

It appears that somebody poured some cold water on Gus’s face and he awoke from the trance, after he was forced to drink the blood of kali and become one of Chuck’s thuggee

Little did he know how close he is to the truth! Now there is hard evidence of what happens when anyone at chuckie’s place gets out of line. Behold!