Dark Falcon supports Islamic Agression

Dark Falcon who pretends to be a Conservative was exposed as a supporter of Jihad. The myth of the Serbian genocide of Muslims has been exposed and many people no longer believe the lies. The Dork repeated Saudi funded talking points.

What Dark Falcon doesn’t realize is all the lies about the Serbs were spread by the Saudis and their Progressive allies in the media. These same forces are now making the same accusations against Israel. Goldstone was one of the leaders of the Serb lies and he now lies about Israel. Dark Falcon also ignores the fact that Serb forces were fighting AL-Qaeda, Iranian revolutionary Guards,  Hizballah and other Islamic forces.

Here are articles debunking the lies about the Serbs.





Dark grow a pair, come debate this subject and defend the actions. Or do you support Al-Qaeda and company, but can’t man up to admit it?

Letter to Chuck

Ever since the throw down between Iceweasel and LudwigVanQuixote and his subsequent time out, LGF hasn’t been the same. It has become boring and not as hysterical as it once one. Ludwig has provided material gold for this blog. Therefore in the interest of this blog and LGF, I have asked Chuck to please restore his posting privileges.

Below is the email I sent Chuck asking for Ludwig’s return.

Update: It seems Chuck removed his personal email.

Never fear, I emailed him through the contact form.

Update II: As of 10:05 EST, Chuck has yet to acknowledge this email.

Gus 802 Pining for the Fjords?

It’s starting to appear that even Gus has had enough of the totalitarianism of the BVoAF:

By way of background, this is in reference to this rather Stasi exchange earlier in the thread:

Lanzman’s toast (you’re welcome to join the stalkers, Lanzman), and Gus is axing for it.

End game at the swamp.