Give. Me. A. Frakking. Break. Chuck.

This has got to be the most transparent example of cut-and-paste blogging displayed yet at the BVoAF:

Note that he displays this somewhat technical argument, posing by it, without displaying any evidence that he actually has the foggiest idea what it means.


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  1. Speranza says:

    As Cato said “The content is rather thin”.

    The Ogre was right.

  2. Stillactive says:

    These are terrible times to be without an in-house scientist.
    Once again poor planning on Chunks part.

  3. Roger says:

    Charles Nodickens? What is your serious issues?

  4. snowcrash says:

    Thread will go OT very early.

  5. garycooper says:

    I have a brother-in-law who’s an MD specializing in research on infectious disease. I consider myself a decent reader of scientific jargon, but when he cranks up the chemistry in one of his published papers like this writer is doing, no layman can pretend to know what’s going on. The fact that Fatass posts this piece on his site, as if he has the vaguest clue about its meaning, is funnier than snowflakes in Cancun for the AGW-conference. 🙂

    (no, it’s not really snowing down there…just “unseasonably cold”)

  6. garycooper says:

    My Little Ponytail :Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!!

    Yes!! Let him OUT, Fatass! He’s been punished long enough. 😉

  7. My Little Ponytail says:

    What’s the point of quoting those paragraphs, which in turn only make any sense if you can look at figure S2, without showing figure S2?

  8. swamprat says:

    These cells arefake obviously. They are all lacking globular clusters.

  9. My Little Ponytail says:

    This is kind of rich, given some of James Hansen’s slipshod product:

    13 b_sharp
    Sun, Dec 12, 2010 1:21:45pm 1

    re: #6 Slumbering Behemoth

    Yet another example of science correcting science. Which will of course be completely lost on those who see evolution or AGW as conspiracies against the people.


    I do wish, however, that NASA would stop broadcasting papers until the peer review process is further along.


  10. Beeduwine says:

    My Little Ponytail :Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!! Free LvQ!!!

    Heh. Let the drums roll, hear our battle cry!

  11. Stillactive says:

    snowcrash :
    Thread will go OT very early.

    Do you know these life forms or what?

    First comment:
    Sun, Dec 12, 2010 12:43:09pm

    OT@ comment:

    18 Slumbering Behemoth
    Sun, Dec 12, 2010 1:43:23pm

    “re: #17 Varek Raith
    Nobody likes to go caroling with Yoda.”

  12. “On the internet, everyone is a Rocket scientist”

    -Foster’s Home For Imaginary AGW, Dec. 2009

  13. Stillactive says:

    Fenway_Nation :
    “On the internet, everyone is a Rocket scientist”
    -Foster’s Home For Imaginary AGW, Dec. 2009

    Or a person who operates on brains.

  14. On the plus side, LGF did prove informative today, as I made sure to change my gawker password.

  15. Bagua says:

    Blogmaster: Please check you email.

  16. PeteP says:

    He’s just trying to portray himself as someone who’s pro-science without having any idea what the article means. Poor effort from Chuck.

  17. DEZ says:

    Chuckles thinks a base pair is what he plays with though the hole in his pocket.

  18. Princess Natasha says:

    Chuck… He puts the “arse” in “arsenic”. What a total douchebag! LOL