Saturday Night Screencap

Chuckie’s Mosque

Behold the King Fahad Mosque, located at 10980 Washington Boulevard, Culver City. I had to make a pick up at the NFL Network right next door the other day and I was compelled to take a picture. NFL Network is a pretty neat place, and most of the people working there are all rooting for the Navy in the Army-Navy game.

A question for our readers. The next picture is a sign just above the door that says, “And of sent thee not save as a mercy for all the world.” But what is it saying in Arabic?

By the way, there was a bit of a dustup there in 2006.

Chuck proclaims 2010 the Warmest Year

Chuck is bragging that NASA claims that 2010 is the warmest on record? Yet we had a brutal cold winter, the Summer wasn’t that hot and we are having another brutal cold winter. Here in Florida we should be in the 70’s/60’s in the WInter, yet this year, 50’s are the norm. Can someone explain how this is the warmest year?

Young Johnson

LGF Quietly Retreats From Digg

Well, I don’t know how I didn’t notice this sooner, but it appears that Charles has thrown in the proverbial towel, and decided that inviting the lizards over to Digg isn’t such a good idea after all.  

LGF ‘cap from a previous DOD thread:

And today:

It was a quick and decisive victory, as the return of the Digg button to LGF threads was very temporary (only a few weeks is all).  I’ll take credit for calling this one right away, as I posted on Nov. 21:

A couple of the anti-anti-LGFers have now arrived on the scene, as Varek Raith and RWC (RightWingConspirator?) have shiny new Digg accounts.

I don’t know if CJ would want to take the battle to Digg. I gotta think that we’d win that one. So, I’m game if you guys are.

I remember all the whining about the anti-LGF activity on Digg back in ’07, so I don’t know what CJ might have been expecting today with a “lizard army” that is but a shell of its former self  and a large post-switch contingent of ex-LGFers that have gathered.   Maybe this was his way of popping the periscope and checking how close to the drain he was circling?   Or, a test of his influence over the cult? 

Whatever the reason, the results didn’t look good for the lizards.  To illustrate, here is a summary of LGF’s Digg experiment, “by the numbers”:


Top “karma” rating for a comment in CJ’s inaugural Digg submission, The Pamela Geller Rant Generator.  I summed it up before it really got started:

CJ you had to submit this to digg? Yourself?

Oh how the mighty have fallen…


Ludwig’s cumulative Karma for the same thread.


Diggs for the front-page Geller thread screencapped above.


Diggs for the LGF Page on Geller that my sockpuppet (The Blue Boy) penned.


Diggs to goof on Ludwig’s “slut shaming” LGF Page.


Most Diggs of any LGF submission since button was reintroduced. (2nd most of 2010, in fact)


Number of Digg submissions by CJ.


Number of Digg submissions by CJ that already feature a memory-holed page.


Diggs for the The Pamela Geller Rant Generator


Diggs for the LGF Memory Hole Mosaic

There’s no way for me to easily quantify what kind of spanking went on within that “rant generator” entry for all of its 270 comments, but a quick glance at it reveals that it was pretty ugly.  This whole thing was over on the first night, and since then there hasn’t been a lot of lizard activity on Digg in general.   It was entertaining to watch the repeated begging for more help, followed by the lashing out after it began to sink in:

C’mon Killgore.  Do you ever ask yourself why?

Moving forward, I think we should continue to use Digg to rub it in.   For tonight, I think the DoDers should give yourselves a pat on the back, and toast one up.  Consider this the Friday Night Victory thread.

Update:  Apollo Creed didn’t know when to stay down, and apparently neither does CJ.  The Digg buttons have *poof* reappeared to the front page (and only the front page; the older threads don’t have them).  Lots of zeros up there suddenly, and Ludwig is nowhere to be found.  Who will be the first lizard to submit the first front-page thread in a week?