Chucks lies about who killed the Dream Act

Chuck is spinning again and is once again caught in a lie. He has a post where he calles the GOP Nativist, granted I despise that wing of the GOP and love taking them on and claims that is why the Republicans killed the Dream Act.

Chuck, the Democrats have a majority in the Seanate are at least 10 Progressive Republicans who support them. The GOP is not pandering to anti-Immigrant types, they don’t feel its fair people who are here illegally to get legal status as oppose to those who come from Non Islamic countries and have to wait 10-15 years. The Democrats have the majority, they took the bill off the floor.

Also Chuck, it’s not obstructionist to vote against what you don’t support. You need a lesson in how government works. It’s not like your cult blog where what you says go. Clearly Chuck, you would be more ta home in Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia or North Korea.