Totally wow.

Just … wow. Chuck spanks Loody, so he runs off and pens this:

Yikes.  I’m glad no girl in a bikini is going to make him drink Crappy Bear.

Iceweasel warns Luddy

Luddy thinks he’s a big shot on LGF. Chuck endorses his violent fantasies and his degradation of women. Today he called Fox News women whores and this prompted a strong reaction. The warning to Luddy came from the defacto  ruler of LGF, Iceweasel.

The Weasel is giving here the pre ban warning. Luddy thinking he’s one of the top dogs at LGF, doesn’t heed the warning.

The Weasel stands firm and tries to walk Luddy away from the banning cliff. As we will see, Luddy doesn’t realize who he’s messing with.

Iceweasel has clout with Chuck and on LGF, what she says goes. Irish Rose, Sharmuta and Cato were all casualties of the Weasel. Luddy who believes he’s a top dog at LGF, has crashed with reality. If he doesn’t heed Iceweasel’s warnings, he will find himself at the end of the banning stick.

She warned you Luddy, you better heed!

The Failed Porn star vs. Fake Scientist, grab your popcorn!

Luddy’s comments gets deleted

Chuck approves of Luddy’s Fascist worldview and agrees with his violent filled rants. So the fact that fraud had his comments deleted is very interesting!

What did he say that prompted Chuck to delete his comments? Inquiring minds would like to know!

Ignorance personified by Max Reinhardt

Some loozard feels that Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit  taking Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic to task for calling on people not to contribute to Israel’s fire  relief emergency is beclowning himself. What a jerkoff! First off Israel has a lot of things to worry about such as terrorism and missiles and yes maybe they were not as prepared for fire as they ought to be – but this is Israel, a  nation that is always there for other peoples calamities such as Haiti. To say that people should not help Israel because it is allegedly a “rich” country (it is not) is similar to saying people should not have helped America with Katrina and BP. This is what the fever swamp of the Left is reduced to – telling Israel to fend  for itself.

Update – JIm Hoft responds to Jeffrey Goldberg and the obnoxious Andrew Sullivan