Flashback: CJ Has Known Who I Am For Over A Year

With regard to the whole name-dropping business, one more thing that I think is important to note and/or remind our readers and lurkers of is that I actually made an effort to reveal my identity to CJ on the Blogmocracy last year, in this 1,000+ comment classic:

Well then, nothin’ to worry about!

OK….here goes….

Hit the tip jar!



I used my personal PayPal account to send Charles a “tip”, and posted it up.  I was hoping that CJ saw the thread and the donation (it was refunded within minutes), and sure enough he confirmed it.  It is as it appears; I basically dared him to out me.   

So, armed with that information, I’d imagine that it’d be a lot easier to tie the name to the nic on the web.  Or, maybe he’d have found it anyway.  Who knows.

In the end, I don’t think it makes a difference if you get the information from PayPal, email, or some old page on an unrelated website.  There’s knowing it, and then there’s broadcasting it publicly in a vindictive and intimidating manner.   The latter is rather despicable, of course, and after multiple “outings”, we’re wondering why no one at LGF appears to be speaking up and pointing that out.  The cult mindset is an adaptive one, and the only lizards talking have apparently adopted a double standard on the issue (as Ludwig’s recent rants continue to demonstrate).    The silent majority is just too scared, and that in and of itself is pretty spooky.  

All this validates why we do what we do here, and explains why there are liberals and conservatives in the chorus.   Whether it was the old LGF attacking “moonbats”, or the new one attacking “wingnuts”, CJ’s status as a dishonest and thuggish blogger who displays time and time again that he only cares about his ego…has stayed a constant.   

So, should I be upset or embarrassed that I now have my name attached to this battle of wits against an internet bully?  Of all the things people do with their spare web time, this ain’t so bad.   Heck, based on the recent ass-whooping the LGFers got on Digg, I’d say we’re the mainstream.

Chuck the Economic expert

Chuck had a post today bragging most Americans support raising taxes on the rich. He then shows his economic ignorance with the following statement.

Chuck, stop hating on people who are more succesful than you. Oh I forgot, look who I’m talking about! This guy really is economically ignorant!

U.S.C 875


You really have crossed the line. If you after Chen, he can go after LGF legally and do you think Chuck will protect you? He will give up your name.

You are playing with fire Luddy.

Warning to Lizards

The imposter  Ludwig is now threatening to write to Chen’s employer.

If you clowns attempt to get Chen Fire, we will out San Francisco Zionist, Killgore Trout, Alouette, Reginald Perrin, Fozziebear and Shiplord Kriel in retaliation. We will also compile a list of all the people we have outed in the past along with addresses.

In short, back off or else we will ruin’s people’s lives.

Update: The ball is in Luddy and Chuck’s hands. They either back off their threat or their pals will be exposed.

Update II: To those listed here that don’t wish to be outed if Luddy carries out his threat to get Chen fired.  I will make you and offer. We are down to 3 suspects of who Ludwig is. If we receive an anonymous email giving us Luddy’s identity and it matches one of our 3 suspects, we will not out any of you. Ludwig’s name, employer and address will be revealed on a 3rd party website should he carry out his threat. This will spare all of the grief of having your identity revealed and the main perpetrator will be exposed for the public to see.

If you all convince Ludwig to back off his threat to Chen, then no one will be outed.

This is our offer, either give us Luddy’s name or get him to back off.

What Charles’ Asshattedness Hath Wrought

 OK, I’ll admit it.  I’m pretty proud of my epic return to LGF.  I managed to take elements of our latest arguments (i.e. the Pam obsession, the memory hole) and lay up a post that tied everything together and used it to prove the point.  It was a perfectly executed flame, forged with insight, wit, and a little creativity. 

What it wasn’t: a hate-filled, “hate you daddy”, misogynistic, racist, violence advocating, or equally ugly rant.   It just wasn’t.  In fact, I challenge anyone to find any post of mine here or anywhere on the blogosphere where I use pejoratives or even engage in the ad hominem (in fact, it is marked with a scarlet letter on my blog).  It ain’t my style, and because of it I’ve made friends on blogs both left and right.

So when we see this, we are seeing the true Charles, mask off.  The star LGF 2001 has finally gone supernova:

Psst.  I don’t suppose that it occurred to CJ that I might have sold the car sometime between 2003 and today, and thus the information was not accurate.  I was, as you say, “correcting a mistake”.  I thank him for reminding me about that, ’cause my cardomain page for that car hasn’t been updated either.

Digging into backgrounds?  What, the LGF archives?   I thought the buttons were there for a reason?  It’s not like I’m scouring google and looking for pictures of CJ’s old car.  The CJ/Pam pictures?  Maybe.  Those were in the Atlas archives.    But hundreds of readers across both blogs remember this stuff actually happening (including me). Not digging into backgrounds, CJ.

That…is completely made up.   Other than CJ, what users?  I think I can count on one hand the number of times I used the account to search the comments.   If I had, you’d see a lot of extra stuff in my comment screengrabs, because they’d have extra buttons and avatars in them if I was logged in when I snapped it. 

Nope, Charles is trying to demonize me.  I’ve got Nodrog to thank for many of the comment finds,  along with LGF Watch.  Some of the comments I stumbled upon by accident, and some I just remembered where to find (’cause I was there).  I’ve gotten a lot of help around here, too.   Again, we’re talking about the LGF archives here, and it’s interesting that it’s such a sensitive subject. 

Finally, about the use of my real name?  Well, on my about page, I describe myself as a semi-anonymous netizen, so I don’t broadcast who I am, but I don’t worry too much about hiding it either.  I had imagined that my blog warrior skills would eventually cause someone to lose their cool and break that code of civility in the blogosphere (CJ wasn’t the first, for the record).  It was a risk I was willing to take, I guess.  But when it happens, you get to declare victory.  After all, at least as far as the web is concerned, this is the ultimate ad hominem. 

I can understand that Charles feels righteous in the fact that he pens his blog in his real name (albiet a name shared by many, many others).  That’s fine.  LGF is his full-time gig and he’s proud of it, and that’s totally respectable.  But the reason there is this unwritten code in the blogosphere is because most of the people who participate have employers and friends and family, and would just assume contribute without any anxiety over it coming back to haunt them in real life.  Perhaps it’s unfortunate that it is this way, but without that dynamic, there’d be a whole lot less commenting going on.   In fact, for LGF, there wouldn’t be much more than one Charles Johnson.

So, aside from the fact that a real name is irrelevant to the argument and that it’s usually unwanted for a blog to function, this “outing” tactic is stupid because of what might happen next.  This is particularly applicable to LGF, as there have been many lizards building many relationships over many years.  Exchanging emails.  Commenting on each other’s blogs.  Even meeting up.  To open this can of worms is very, very, ill-advised:

My God, how could Killgore have gone this long without being “outed”?  Answer:  We’re not Charles.

Tell ya what.  I’m not sure if Charles wants to be responsible for instigating an LGF “out”-fest, so I’m going to give him a chance to redeem himself.  One of the following 3 things will happen in the next 24 hours:

A) Killgore outs himself

B) Charles redacts my personal info and apologizes

C) We publish Killgore’s real name, or

Update: D) A lizard sincerely speaks out against it

I know someone over there will report this back to LGF rather quickly, so I throw the ball in their court. 

Please understand that I don’t really want to do this, but I think it’s the only way. So, 24 hours.  Plenty of time.

Update: In the interest of accuracy, I found a quick phone pic of my new car. LGF operative ChenZhen, on the scene.

Update: You know what, to heck with it.  I’ve made my point.