I decided to do a little digging…

I gave The Minotaur a little break since I run the island, and look what I found…

Update from The Minotaur: The thread is recovered, with all 192 comments:


10 Comments on “I decided to do a little digging…”

  1. My Little Ponytail says:

    White women have it coming.

  2. Iron Fist says:

    The Mohammedans bring the Darkness with them wherever they come. That is why you see such resistance to the Little Mogadishu in Middle Tennessee. The People in Flyovercountry are beginning to wake up to this fact.

  3. Speranza says:


  4. refugee000 says:

    al-chuki is not saying a word about the low crowd numbers at the moonbat get together in DC today.
    Judging from the pics I saw, it was about half the Beck rally.

    But I’m fairly sure al-chuki will come in with a figure closer to 1 million.

  5. wolfie says:

    Love the last paragraph, where Chucky points out how “idiotic” it is to compare someone to racists just because he is addressing unpleasant facts about Islam in Sweden.

    By that standard, I’d say Chuck has become a full-time, professional idiot.

  6. Persephonexoxo says:

    Sorry Chuck but I think more people in America think the same way, if not closer to, the way Beck thinks, than the way the left thinks. Suck it, asshole.

  7. kansas says:

    nil stooge :He weighed in with this:

    206- Charles +2 [Sat, Oct 2, 2010 11:35:27am ] 1 replyThat’s a pretty large crowd now. Looks at least as big as the Beck rally, maybe bigger.

    You just can’t make this shit up can you? OK, I saw the crowd, it was massive. Probably 7 million maybe more.

  8. The Minotaur says:

    I have been receiving some helpful tips, and there are even more on the way. Stay tuned 😉