Stats Shocka: LGF Pages vs. DoD

A question for our lurkers from LGF: Did you think that access to the LGF Pages was your chance to post your views and break stories on the big stage?  Or, did you think that us lonely stalkers were just obsessed and ranting amongst ourselves?   Yes to both?

Well, consider this 90 day snapshot, copied from our dashboard and LGF.  These are the top 10 for “views”, and on the LGF side feature the best of Charles, Killgore Trout, Ludwig, etc:

Diary of Daedalus   LGF Pages
Rescued from Memory Hole: “Photo of the * 2,114 Paladino’s Porn (NSFW!) 1,931**
LGF’s Einstein ‘Splains All 1,407 Glenn Beck’s Insane History of Slavery 1,263
Groupie Love 1,290 Shocking Video of American City Under Brutal Sharia Law 1,239
LVQ attacks! 1,281 Immigration Reform Bill to Allow US Citizens to Sponsor Same-Sex Partners 1,049
LGF supports Islamic Imperialism 1,136 Pamela Geller on Fox: Protect our Precious Bodily Fluids Against Muslims and Socialists! 1,021
Manque See, Manque Do! 893 Stupid lies about Israeli attack on Syrian tank. 982
Mandy Manners Banned 811 Tea Party Music 933
Rescued from Memory Hole: “Flight 93 Mem 804 Entitlements, Taxes, Inequality and Three-Way Class Warfare 876
Rock out Mr. Ponytailman! Rock out! 760 Menace of 9/11 myths – 869
Chuck angry at NY Times 758 9-11 Trutherism Comes to Fox News 846
90 Day Total 11,254  90 Day Total  11,009

*Now referenced on Wikipedia!
** Including “Porn (NSFW)” in a title should disqualify for gaming.

It doesn’t make sense, does it?  I mean, at DoD we are a relatively new, small, one-topic group blog that is linked to only by The Blogmocracy.  And we’re just haters, right? 

Over there, you’ve got thousands of registered members on a famous decade-old blog, bouncing around in sort of an online Neverland Ranch. Their posts are prominently displayed on the main page (right by the annoying ads).  

And we don’t even need to compare the comment totals for those threads. Nothing seems to spark much discussion over in those Pages.

News flash:  This is where the party is, LGFers. Come on over. Use a sock if you want to. Get whatever it is you want to say off you chest! It’s fun! FREEDOM!!!

Patterico smacks up Chuck

Patterico rips Chuck a new one. He catches the Jazz Man in a lie about the size of the Leftist rally in Washington. He claimed it was twice the size, well when looks ate the pictures, that’s not the case.

A long time ago, Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs was one of my daily reads.  He confronted Islamofascism and dishonesty in the media.  He earns a place of honor as being vital in the Rathergate scandal.  But man, has he slipped off. It wasn’t just a matter of changing his mind, but erasing the past.  It was intellectual dishonesty, for instance in the controversy when Barack Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.  First he posted video that supposedly showed that “Bush bowed too.”  Then when called on the lie he told, he added the word “metaphorically” without noting the change in his post.  I watched him do it in real time and called him on the change.  He lied to my virtual “face” about it with a comment directed at me, and my account was banned, a familiar story.  Now he has completely rewritten that post.

Read it all: Charles Johnson Shreds the Last of his Credibility Discussing the Stewart Rally

Chuck is  the new Dan Rather. He has become that which he was against!

(Hat Tip: Josephine)

Memory Hole Wars: Episode V – The Battle for the LGF Archives

As our regular fans and lurkers will remember, after recently joking about deleting every pre-2008 entry on LGF, CJ  struck a blow to our memory hole recovery effort by quietly blocking the internet archives (and google).  This makes it much more difficult to prove that a thread was deleted and/or altered.  We may know that something used to be somewhere, but on the internet, you really need a working link or a screenshot to convince anyone.

Consider this recent addition to the memory hole:

We know it was there. We know that it was a thread with a link to Zombie’s photo essay featuring gay dudes doing really gay things on the streets of San Francisco. We don’t know why it was just deleted out of the blue, having been there for so long. (perhaps the better question now is why it was there in the first place)   But we can’t prove it, and this gives CJ the freedom to lie, obfuscate, and deny.  And if there was a lesson to be learned from the Battle of Al-Guardian™, it’s that this proof could come in pretty handy if readily available (hence, the Mosaic).

In a recent victory, however, we turned the tables. With the combined efforts of several DoDers, our “Stuff CJ Forgot to Delete” operation has flushed out and preserved “Barack Obama’s Racial Obsessions“, saving it from the depths of the memory hole.  In other words, it appears that our actions prompted CJ to delete another thread, despite the fact that we already had the screenshot published.  This is a first, and an important milestone in our blog war.   It says that CJ is too arrogant to think that we have the ability to do any damage (he made sure to secretly thank us, my guess), but we now know that we have the power in numbers, we have the tools, we have the motivation, and that we’re a friggin’ elite sniper team if we use them.

So I think I can speak for all the DoDers and LGF antagonists everywhere and say, “Bring It, CJ!” I for one am ready to battle until there is nothing left but “beach” open threads and “Tech Note” updates.   That, or WordPress caps our uploads.  Are you game?

To our DoD minions:

  1. Google is your friend.  Use the header, and add a well-chosen word or two.
  2. Remember to copy/paste any direct LGF links into your browser.  (rather than click; referrers can tip the lizards off)
  3. Screencap choice threads and comments, liberally.
  4. Use our contact form.   It is efficient, and it keeps you below the lizard radar.

Good hunting to you, and stay safe.

[Update: Since the elections are fast approaching, all of you who still have membership and/or socks at 1.0 and are planning on keeping Mr. Petulant busy ferreting out usurpers are advised to collect screenshots.

We suspect Stinky Beaumont is going to be very busy looking for every and any excuse to ban and delete, even if he bans and deletes the comments of genuine lizards. After all, they eat their own.

Be polite with your comments, but capture, capture, capture! Email us your favorites for future broadcasting here. –Briarius]

Update (11/1/10 ChenZhen):


(h/t Opilio)

Chuck tries to help CBS

Reporters from CBS affiliate KTVA have been caught on tape planning to smear Alaskan republican Joe Miller. The TV station is not denying this, they are spinning it. Chuck then tries to debunk a story that is all too obvious.











Wow, what a difference 6 years makes. Chuck is giving CBS the benefit of the doubt. He  claims the tape is edited, when KTVA says its real but not what it seems. The Jazz Man is a lying propagandist and keeps sinking lower in credibility. He has become the Dan Rather of the internet.

Interesting Images From ChenZhen’s Computer

As a seasoned veteran in the arena of blog warfare, I’ve had a chance to study many disciplines within the Art, and have come to respect the power of the Archivist especially.  If used appropriately, it can be invincible.  Add in the screencap and/or snip tool, and the tactic is now weighted with the force of a powerful visual aid, with which you can annihilate an opponent with a single image paste in a thread.

Needless to say, my hard drive is filling up with stuff that I’ve collected over the years.  I’ve used the tactic in other battles on other blogs, of course, but no one requires more MBs than a proven, selective memory holer like the guy who runs LGF.  So I’ve got some things on my ‘puter that never quite made their way into any specific argument or thread topic.   And I figured that, instead of letting them go to waste languishing in my laptop, I might as well share them.  Please use these wisely:

(in reference to this, the LGF Watchers recognizing that CJ is finally denouncing Pam Geller and Filip Dewinter, after many threads over many months of pointing them out)

I suppose that puts that mystery to bed…


Wow! 2006?

I am the poster child for a lizard “going rogue”. LOL


what ever happened to defenseman, anyway?

(see here.  friggin’ hilarious!)

that guy is still there?

..and to think people say that the “cult” analogy in our sidebar is over the top?

Chuck makes a groupie sane

This has the to be the ultimate butt kissing I have ever seen!

The fact that this individual needs Chuck’s to make him sane, it speaks volume for this loser.

Chuck jealous of Breitbart

The Jazz Man pretends he’s a major player on the political scene. In reality he’s a joke who’s lives a delusion. He has hate for those that made it big, like Andrew Breitbart.

Chuck you failed!

Stuff CJ Forgot to Delete: The Life of the LGF Dictionary

The infamous LGF Dictionary has a long and storied history (which includes yours truly), and I figured that I might as well get around to addressing what CJ told the world about it during the Battle of Al-Guardian™:

Well, not exactly.  In fact, there isn’t much in there that resembles the real story.   So, unlike CJ, we’re going to give you the whole truth.  And for that, we need to look no further than the Dictionary itself (note the timestamps):

LGF Dictionary – The LGF Dictionary itself (which you are now reading — self-referential enough for you?) accidentally got its start with this innocent post: zombie 1/7/2005 02:41PM (which was a follow-up to this comment). In the space of three and a half hours, the idea had grown so quickly from a tentative list of six terms into a full-fledged lexicon that Charles made a thread devoted specifically to the concept: 1/7/2005: LGF Etymological Dictionary, Charles 1/7/2005 06:16PM, which has matured into the page you see here.

The devoted thread, as our readers may recall, was eventually memory holed.  But as you’ll see, CJ was pretty sloppy with his delete-fu this time.  If you follow the links to the original comments, you’ll find this, the LGF Dictionary hatchling:

So excited was CJ about the dictionary idea that he not only approved of it, but also contributed to it:

After that Dictionary thread, it was decided that since the list and definitions were the product of  Zombie’s concept and organization, he/she was to be de facto curator of the contents.  It was proudly linked in LGF’s sidebar over the years to Zombietime at first, then later to a lizard group blog that Zombie created.  This official transition was kicked off with a dedicated “big announcement” thread (again note the timestamp):

This was the site that I eventually “hacked” a year later (and re-hacked?).  Zombie shut it down as a result, and then the Dictionary was sanitized a little by CJ (redacting the contributions of now-banned lizards) and moved to LGF itself until it was discovered to be missing in October 2009.   (No announcement or explanation has been made, to my knowledge)

So, for our lurker mathematicians:  The timeline proves that Dictionary was an LGF staple for almost 5 years, and that it was actually hosted on LGF proper for the “very short time” of almost 1 year.

Exit questions for the lurkers:

1.  How many of the “crack editorial staff” are now banned?  And why?  (hint)

2.  Can CJ tell the straight truth about anything?

Remember when… Update: Memory Holed!

Straight from Cj, back in the day:

Get that? Obama had “shockingly racist anti-white attitudes”. Chuck said so and he’s no raaaaacist. Just ask him.

After the lobotomy:

Good grief indeed.

(many thanks to Shadowman for the screenshots and to wolfie for pointing them out)

UPDATE (10/31/10 ChenZhen):  It has been brought to our attention that the Barack Obama thread has been tossed into the memory hole:

Spread the word.  Pass that screenshot around.

Luddy blames Conservatives for Progressive Anti-Semitism

Jewish imposter and wannabe Rabbi, Neo-Nazi Lewdwig is at it again! He has another diatribe explaining why Jews don’t vote Republican and those that do are evil. Nevermind this guy is not Jewish and is a Neo-Nazi who playing a a stereotype of Jews. Besides his deranged cocaine inspired rant, he comments that it’s Conservatives fault why Progressives are Anti-Semitic!

Wow so he blames the supporters of Israel for Progressive racism towards Jews and Israel! This defies logic and is more evidence this man has a cocaine problem!