Treacherous Chuck attacks US Army

It’s now the US Army’s turn to feel the wrath of the Jazz Man. He posts on a story where several US servicemen were indicted. He’s silent on current terror attacks, but is now aiming at the US Army!


What kind of National Security blog is this? He’s silent on Islamic terror but is all over this story about US Servicemen? Shows you his treacherous colors!

update from King Minos…

Hallelulah! SpaceJesus is coming to the rescue!

25 Comments on “Treacherous Chuck attacks US Army”

  1. My Little Ponytail says:

    Look at the rest of it:

    Dressed in a t-shirt and Army shorts, a 22-year-old corporal from Wasilla, Alaska casually describes on a video tape made by military investigators how his unit’s “crazy” sergeant randomly chose three unarmed, innocent victims to be murdered in Afghanistan.

    Suppose that caught someone’s eye?

  2. My Little Ponytail says:

    Chuck also left this part out:

    Lawyers and family members of the soldiers say they all intend to fight the charges.

    So at this point, it’s all allegations.

    Now who would benefit from five soldiers being railroaded for aggravated murder?

  3. Persephonexoxo says:

    Fuck him and his lame ass blog. He isn’t fit to be a pimple on a soldier’s ass.

  4. Princess Natasha says:

    That son of a syphilitic whore… How DARE the fat piece of shit even suggest that? You know damn well it is nothing but BS and propaganda spread by the muzz. But no! The fat rancid blob will smear our soldiers but will kiss the asses of actual terrorists. May he rot alive.

  5. Daedalus says:

    I hope he runs into a returning soldier and gets punched in the face.

  6. PeteP says:

    Someone should remind Chuck that it’s the sacrifices of the troops which ensures that dirtbags like him continue to have the freedoms that we all cherish. Instead, he smears them while giving our enemies a free pass.

  7. Overlook says:

    Battle-madness, ecstatic blood-lust, fear-induced rampage, and cold-blooded sadism and cruelty are all found in war. It is part of what is meant by “war is hell”. If the sergeant did kill the innocent, I am certain he will be punished. The incidence of these abnormal practices is very low in the US army. These practices – including rape and mutilation – are standard battle procedures for Arab and Islamist armies.

    I am not as certain that the Wally is careful to discriminate between guilty and innocent soldiers. In fact, I am pretty certain that he would want to give the impression that the army (which votes republican) is sadistic, racist and bad crazy. Probably anti-mosque at GZ, too.

  8. King Minos says:

    Daedalus :

    I hope he runs into a returning soldier and gets punched in the face.

    Dammit Daedalus, you just set off his air raid siren!

  9. st. wannabe says:

    It appears traffic is especially light at the swamp. Not many wanting to comment on this story.

  10. garycooper says:

    Usually he’s just funny-ridiculous. Now he’s crossed a new line.

    • JohnsonEsque says:

      I agree, he’s really crossed a line. And I guess he’s a bit more restrained than Kos’ “screw them!” line, but how is this much different? This is a passive agressive way to mock our military. Not that rogue and murderous soliders shouldn’t be prosecuted, but airing our dirty laundry in a time of war hurts us from a propaganda standpoint. As one of the comments states, they Afghanis do not want to emulate us and stories like this reinforce that.

      Since we live in a free society and we aren’t blocking news from Afhganistan, you can’t fault the media from reporting this, but you can fault a one time supporter of the military’s efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan from spreading the anti-American solider news.

      It’s disgusting for him to do it while the media is just doing its job and if they are doing their job they are balancing the good with the bad stories to try and portray an accurate picture. When a biased blogger reports this, you know his motives are not good. I say this “Screw you Charles Johnson!”

  11. Voltaires Crack says:

    Any old posts from Chuk on Murtha or are they all in the memoryhole too? Might be interesting to see what Chuk thought about jumping to conclusions in years past and comparing to the current fire-aim-ready approach.

  12. Voltaires Crack says:

    Heh….consistency? Look this.

    Rescind John Murtha’s Award from the Navy

    Charles Johnson
    US News • Mar 19, 2009 at 9:19 am PDT • Views: 10

    Our outrage of the morning: the Department of the Navy has given Congressman John Murtha a “Distinguished Service” award. Yes, that’s the same John Murtha who accused the Haditha Marines of being murderers without evidence, before their trial, then refused to apologize when all charges against them were dropped.

    Here’s a petition to try to reverse this utterly unmerited award: Don’t Honor John Murtha Petition.


    Petition follows blah blah.

  13. Iron Fist says:

    Re. Spacejesus, yeah, all we need are traitorous pussies to prosecute our fine soldiers for killing the enemy. That cock-knocker better flee the US. He won’t be welcome here come the November Revolution.

    If we were half what these wastes of oxygen pretend, they’d all be dead. Would that we were. We’re all a bunch of pussies, and they are laughing at us. For now. The worm may turn.

  14. Philip_Daniel says:

    Well, I guess this means that Chuck-A-Jamas will never blog on the attempted genocide of the Hazaras by the Taliban…

  15. Heracles says:

    Hew deserves to have his teeth punched in.
    Still trying to win over the Kos Krowd you fat mother fucker?

  16. Lily says:

    st. wannabe :It appears traffic is especially light at the swamp. Not many wanting to comment on this story.

    I just went and looked traffic is off on most of his threads. There was one thread with 29 comments. His blog is sinking fast.
    Now if he had any military posters there …… they are now gone for sure. But I think they left a long time ago.
    What a way to trash your own income blog. He is all aces in that area.

    • My Little Ponytail says:

      Confucious say: He who bites left hand and then bites right hand hurts when he spanks monkey.

    • st. wannabe says:

      Some days he doesn’t have 10 “bottom” comments because there’s hardly anyone left who will present an opposing voice.

  17. mattm says:

    So it broke last week, and he is just now getting around to type a couple dozen words to link to it. What depth he has.

    • JohnsonEsque says:

      What do you expect for 10 bucks a month, a personal massage perhaps? Scrubbing old archived messages takes time ya know, and time is money. You can’t expect Charles to just delete all of his archives.