Dark_Falcon praises Alinsky and insults Geller

Here is more idiocy by the fake conservative of LGF Dark_Falcon. He is a man who praises Progressives while attacking his so called side. In his latest groveling to Progressives, he praises Alinsky, but insults Pamela Geller.

The Pink Flamingo is right, Geller isn’t Alinsky. That man unleashed an evil on this nation through the genesis of the Totalitarian Progressive movement. Pam is taking on the Islamic Colonization of America. The fake conservative shows which side he stands with.

Chuck sees Conspiracies Everywhere

The Jazz Man sees Conspiracies everywhere. From Tobacco Companies to Nazis, to Dominionists to the Vlaams Belang.  These sinister forces are all planning on world domination. After much investigation, he has discovered the leader of this global cabal!

That’s right, Ron Paul who is minor political figure, is behind this massive conspiracy! Chuck of course has made another massive discovery!

Wow, so Chuck now believes that Dick Morris is some Area 51 experiment. ANother day and another conspiracy for Charles “Icarus” Johnson.

Chuck sees plots and conspiracies everywhere!

Chuck is in Prison Planet territory now!

The mad scientist Chuckie attacks with no facts and I have fact checked his ass.

Far out of the mainstream? Hmm. Well, take a look at this video from Mike Savage talking to an actual group of callers that work with autistic kids.

1. Caller Kyle is a school psychologist who works with autistic kids and agrees with Savage on the over diagnosis of autism and how it only hurts the kids who truly have the condition.

2. Caller Susan says her child was labeled autistic by school officials and that she was pressured to sign off on the diagnosis.

3. Caller Tikvah is a therapist in New York City who works with children who says that kids are frequently labeled with autism even though they have other conditions because the agencies are provided with more funds for that diagnosis.

4. Caller Victoria has an autistic child and says it is too easy to get a child diagnosed as autistic. Savage says resources for autism must be reserved for children like hers.

There you go.

Treacherous Chuck attacks US Army

It’s now the US Army’s turn to feel the wrath of the Jazz Man. He posts on a story where several US servicemen were indicted. He’s silent on current terror attacks, but is now aiming at the US Army!


What kind of National Security blog is this? He’s silent on Islamic terror but is all over this story about US Servicemen? Shows you his treacherous colors!

update from King Minos…

Hallelulah! SpaceJesus is coming to the rescue!


Why does this remind me of an ad from the shopping channel that runs at 3 in the morning?

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Rescued from Memory Hole: “FOX, Kiefer Sutherland Repent to Radical Islam”

((((((((THIS IS CHENZHEN)))))))(((((((REPORTING FROM THE MEMORY HOLE))))))))))(((((((PSSHHTT)))))((((((((((THERE’S ANOTHER NETIZEN DOWN HERE)))))))((((((PSSHHTT))))))(((((((HAS COLLECTED A HUGE GROUPING)))))))((((PSSHHTT)))))(((((TRY THIS ONE))))))




(((((WHAT IS IT?))))))(((((((OVER?)))))))






((((((STANDING BY)))))





((((((((WE’VE GOT MORE))))))




(H/T Slinky Bewmont)

Chuck has Pam Issues


That’s … kind of weird, Chuck. Weird as in you need medical help.