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Congratulations, Lieutenant!

this was verified by myself and ‘m’


Strata Pw3ns Chuck. Chuck Lames Back.

A.J. Strata refutes Chuck’s claim with logic:

Now whatever you may think about Strata’s assessment of the social cons and the right ring of the GOP, his argument is logical and consistent with things he’s said in the past.

So what’s Chuck’s brilliant comeback?

Major manque, Chuck. It’s not only not true, it’s irrelevant. But never let those details get in the way of a talking point.

Get a Clue

This has to be one of the most pathetic groveling I have ever seen out side of Dark Falcon’s! Pharmmajor is asking Chuck why he don’t like Libertarians.

No offense Pharmmajor, but he really could care less about answering you. The Jazz Man hates all on the Right, except those like Dark Falcon who grovel before Progressives. He will not answer you and you risk banning now. On another note, why do care what some Old washed up Guitarist and failed blogger cares about your ideology? He’s an intellectual midget and a hateful man. Do yourself a favor, go to a blog where your ideas are welcomed or debate is allowed. He just wants yes men.

Dark Falcon hero worships David Frum

I offered Dark Falcon AKA the Pink Flamingo to cease atatcking him. He said he would think about it and never mentioned me again. As a man of my word, I left him alone and did not posts on him. Well he took a swipe at me by claiming his fellow fake Conservative David Frum gave me a smack down.

Pink Flamingo obvious ignored my response to Frum and intellectual destruction of his argument against me. David Frum hasn’t responded because he’s an intellectual coward. WHat Pink and Frum have in common is wanting to be accepted by the Progressives. Rather than promote Conservatism, both grovel at the feat of the Left. Here’s Argentine Peronista Progressive Gus802 chiming in now.

El Gusano Argentino (the Argentine worm) clearly is wishful thinking. His new-found hero Frum didn’t grasp the point of my post. Also pointing out he was a speech writer for Bush doesn’t do anything. I was never a Bush fan and as anyone can tell you, I view him as Liberal Republican. Gus802 is too intellectually challenged to understand this at best or Intellectually dishonest at worst.

Dark Falcon like Frum want the Left’;s approval. They prostrate before their political enemies and attack their own. They are useful idiots to paraphrase Frum’s hero Lenin. The problem for these Progressives masquerading as Conservatives is that I’m the Augusto Pinochet of the blogosphere. They will end up like Allende and Che, failures who are mourned, while I succeed!

Chuck Rests His Case, whatever That Is…

The progression continues into incoherence.

So, what exactly is his case? First, he quotes some other nobody blogger saying doubleplusungood things about Hoft, and then Chuck moves on to his big GOTCHA, where he quotes … himself. Eventually, if you click through enough times, you end up with MediaMatters quoting the (discredited) SPLC. HOWEVER, the only claim that Mediamatters is making is that one source for the Kevin Jennings story is a hate site, not that the story is false. There are other sources, as well.

Typical LFG. Sloppy sourcing, sloppy logic, bogus conclusion.

The Real Story Behind the Deleted Flight 93 Memorial Threads

In light of some unsatisfied curiosities that emerged during my recent series of memory hole threads, I followed a hunch I had, and found the “official” explanation (note the timestamp):

Well, we’ve established that there were actually at least six, but 3,4…6…who’s counting?  Oh yea, full disclosure.  (the “discussion” CJ is referring to was the one about being caught scrubbing “Islamic Supremacist” )

But this is interesting:  Suddenly mentioning that he realized that they were loons years ago, and just noticing they were showing up in the referral logs recently.    This “resurrection”  hypothesis, in other words.  I’m still willing to give CJ the benefit of the doubt at this point, so let’s see if that’s plausible….

Now, it’s certainly likely that there are links to those old posts around on various pages and blogs that are part of this.  CJ didn’t point to anything specifically, but let’s assume that they are out there and get clicked on every once and awhile.    In reality, this online movement (that he helped create) has slowly grown to dozens and dozens of sites that have networked together and that sync posts and send out trackbacks to spread the word and recruit more sites.   So it could be that there are more links out there than there used to be.   But are we to believe that he didn’t notice anything in his referral logs until their 71st blogburst?

We’re missing something here.

Is there any anecdotal evidence out there?   An alternate explanation?  Luckily, we have “Guy” in our comments:

it’s super simple. i discovered that they were deleted pretty much the day post-2008 cult-member, avanti posted a “pages” blog of her findings that “these wingnuts have this insane islamophobic conspiracy theory about the flight 93 memorial.” she appeared to have encountered this on some free petition site. but, obviously, if you do a google search of lgf, all of the posts listed above pop up. charles didn’t want lizards finding that stuff when searching for her post, so down the memory hole it went.

A snip (again the timestamp):


The benefit/doubt  meter swings the other way, I’m afraid.

It went like this, more likely:

I *click* AM *click* NOT *click* AN *click* IDIOT!*click*……… *click*