Smell Something Burning?


This is fun. That’s a statistical comparison of Mr. Petulant’s glob with Robert Spencer’s Jihadwatch. The stats are from here. (Hat tip to refugee000.)

But wait! There’s more! We can toss Pam Geller into the mix, too! From Alexa:



Regarding the blogger whose site ranks in the 94th percentile of the slowest loading speeds, let’s rub his snotty little nose in it:



Ain’t lookin’ good for Mr. Petulant.

That’s Twice in One Day

Another case today, even more transparent than the one about Bachmann, of a thread based on an article that makes an allegation, and fails to provide any substantiation.

Again, a visit to the original CNN article provides no detail and no links.

Though authorities are still trying to determine what precipitated the incident, Barton said police allege White has links to white supremacist organizations and to the separatist group Republic of Texas, which was involved in 1997’s Fort Davis Resort standoff.

That’s it. No elaboration, no links to other websites.

Now, I have no doubt that some kind of connection exists, but based on this, the guy’s barber’s granduncle could be the white supremacist. There’s just no way to determine the facts, and CNN just expects people to just swallow the implication – that Texas is crawling with violent white supremacist nuts – whole and uncritically.

Shame on CNN for such slipshod journalism, and shame on LGF for that meaningless and disingenuous headline.

Another Heh™ from the Past

Heh. Heheh. Heheheh. Hohohodyho. Yucklechuckle. Lolzers. ROFLstiltskin.

Yeah, Chuck. Tell me. How do they look at themselves in the mirror … aww nevermind.

Chuck Johnson Listening to the Voices in his Head Again

More headlines without a single iota of support in evidence:

Pretty strong claim, huh, Chuck? Well I don’t see anything to support the claim, or anything about Jefferson in that excerpt. So how about the TPM piece that you linked? Don’t see anything in there either asside from a baldly unsupported claim:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), as bright a star as ever shown in the conservative constellation this year, took to the stage to slam spending and “Obamacare,” but also took time to lead the attendees through a reading of the Declaration of Independence, which she suggested highlighted Thomas Jefferson’s intention to keep abortion illegal forever.

But there’s a youtube of Bachmann with the following lead-in:

Watch Bachmann deftly stitch the tea party and the moral majority together in her speech. (And be sure to stay tuned for her read-along lesson on the Declaration of Independence.)

Well, let’s all watch the youtube.

Nope. Nothing in there about Jefferson or abortion.

Chuck. TPM lies, and when you repeat it, you lie too.

Icarus Johnson – still an effeminate, self hating dickwad, Killgore seems chagrined over his racist stunt, and Cato tries to play at being an economic theorist


Charles Fri, Sep 17, 2010 7:05:15pm

re: #116 Killgore Trout

I see the stalkers are celebrating the one year anniversary of my Hot Air stunt.

re: #132 Reginald Perrin

Happy Anniversary
It took balls to pull off what you did at Hot Air. You exposed that they tolerated blatant racist comments.

Could not agree more.

And Hot Air still tolerates those comments, but so does the entire right wing blogosphere

143 Charles Fri, Sep 17, 2010 7:06:30pm

re: #137 Killgore Trout

You made some people aware of it. Sometimes that’s the only reward you get

169 Reginald Perrin Fri, Sep 17, 2010 7:22:52pm

re: #137 Killgore Trout

I’m still not proud of it but it happened. It was ugly and pointless. They still call the First lady a wookie and a Klingon on Hot Air (they were doing it earlier this week). My stunt made no difference.

Maybe someday when common sense returns to politics, you will be seen as one of the first to expose racism on right wing blogs.

BTW, the reason I said it took balls was because you posted under your
LGF name. You weren’t chicken shit like the stalkers who are afraid to use their blogmocracy names at their site stalking Charles 24/7. You laid your reputation on the line, I admire a man of principle.

172 Cato the Elder Fri, Sep 17, 2010 7:23:25pm

Has anyone here but me ever actually read Marx?

Because, you know, he is highly regarded in capitalist circles as the single greatest authority on their system, which is otherwise in this country misunderstood as a synonym for Mom’s apple pie.

115 Killgore Trout Fri, Sep 17, 2010 6:54:28pm

Instaracist declares taxpayers are Obama’s Negroes…

And — to take things beyond the Obama question — on a similar moral plane. In fact, if you look at a Marxist Utopia — say, Cuba — what you’ll see is basically a plantation. At the top, you’ve got the Massa and his family — Fidel, Raul, et al. — followed by various layers of overseers — the Communist Party apparat, the secret police — and House Negroes — e.g., the state-controlled media — all living off the surplus labor of the Field Negroes, whose produce is disposed of not according to their own desires (that would be capitalism!) but according to their betters’. This, we’re told, is for the best, since they aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions anyway, and the Massa looks after them with food, housing, and health care. Slaveholders even defended their system as more humane and less exploitative than atomistic capitalism, conveniently ignoring the role of the lash, just as apologists for Marxism conveniently ignore the role of the gulag.

Hmmm…I wonder where I’ve seen that argument before?

By the way Chuckles, the only old white face you see is the puffy one staring back at you in the mirror every morning when you shave.

119 Cato the Elder Fri, Sep 17, 2010 6:56:19pm

re: #68 Charles

Black president against a sea of old white faces. Oh no. No racism here.

Note Obama standing with his foot on the Declaration.

This is Nazi Realism at its finest.