Why you got to do me like that?

This is classic! He is complaining that he is being done wrong. This from a man who is a smear merchant and a liar!

Poor Chuckie! He gets a caught in a lie and he is upset he is being done wrong! This comment ranks up there with his will to live comment. This man needs mental help!

The disemvoweler at work

An excellent comment…

(thanks to Shadowman for the screenshot)

The correlator tool activates!

Then the marxist terror enabling pussy goes into a froth and gives it the treatment…

The final word…

The Jazz Man caught in a lie yet again

This is becoming all too common, Charles “Icarus” Johnson caught lying. His latest smear is attacking National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) and their  “The Southern Experience” gathering. The attendees dressed in traditional Southern gear and even some dressed as Confederate generals. There were Blacks as well dressed in traditional clothing and the Jazz Man claimed they were dressed as slaves.

He is caught clearly lying. The blacks in question were dressed as Gullah, an African-American people who live in coastal South Carolina and Georgia. They have preserved parts of their ancient African tongue and are known for story telling. This was pointed out by one of his blog groupies.

Rather than admit his error, The Jazz Man digs deeper and sticks by his lies.

Wow, so celebrating the culture of the Gullah and having some come to the gathering is celebrating slavery?  Charles “Icarus” Johnson is lying and being intellectually dishonest. This is just a nail in the coffin of his credibility. This man clearly needs mental help as his hatred for all thing Southern consumes him. He even hates Blacks who are dressed in a traditional costume to celebrate their heritage.

Give it up Chuck, get some help!

Chuck, Time to Hold a Blogathon

Time to Hit the Tip Jar™ for the Ground Zero Triumphal Victory Mosque Imam, Chuck.

Sharif El-Gamal, developer of Ground Zero mosque, evicted from SoHo office for racking up back rent

The developer of the Ground Zero mosque is being bounced from his SoHo office, the Daily News has learned.

Sharif El-Gamal, who runs the real estate firm Soho Properties and is heading the project two blocks from Ground Zero, was slapped with eviction proceedings last month after tallying up $39,000 in back rent, a Manhattan Housing Court filing shows.

The management company that runs 552 Broadway, where El-Gamal leases space, said in the filing that he was warned in July and given until mid-August to pay up.

But when the August deadline passed, management company Royal Crospin Corp. filed the eviction notice.

It’s not the first time El-Gamal’s company has fallen behind in rent.

Royal Crospin sued Soho Properties last year for nearly $89,000 in back rent. El-Gamal’s firm paid $56,000 to settle.

C’mon, Chuck. Only a racisthomophobemisogynistislamophobewingnutteabaggerhater wouldn’t make a donation to save this holy man form the nasty Jews trying to throw him out of his office.


Journey to the Center of the Memory Hole

With all the recent talk of LGF “then and now”, burning Korans, “Bigot Brigades”, and scrubbing posts, I just couldn’t resist the urge to come out of retirement.  So, I’ve decided to tie this all together, starting with a trip to the deep, dark forests of The Google, resurrecting a (seemingly)  innocuous front page sentence that was presumably lost forever:

I’m setting up Mr. Shmulevich with an LGF account, and you’ll be able to discuss it with him in person.

Stanislav Shmulevich, as you might remember, is the Pace University kid who decided to piss off his Muslim classmates back in ’07 by tossing a school Koran into a toilet.  Local law enforcement and the university -which is undoubtedly sensitive about their image as a hate-free educational environment- threw the proverbial book at him.  In a tough spot, Mr. Shmulevich hopped on his computer…and called LGF to the rescue (naturally!):

Oh snap!  Something is missing….the last sentence! (the wayback machine missed it on it’s periodic flyby, but luckily the frothing freepers had grabbed the original version as I remember it)

But why scrub that?

Looking to the source recently, explanations for the belated use of the front page eraser have involved instances of misleading statements and/or inaccuracies (however weakly executed).  But this wasn’t the case here.  CJ really did enthusiastically give the beleaguered Koran desecrater a coveted LGF account (“StanS”; still active), and he appeared in the same thread:

Now, I’d like to think that the post-180, enlightened LGF would be embarrassed by all this, and CJ went back and decided to edit out that little detail.  He might have been convinced that today’s lizard hive-mind couldn’t possibly handle the cognitive dissonance resulting from the realization that Bigot Brigadiers were invited into an LGF of not so long ago.  Or at least thought that it wasn’t worth the chance, should someone stumble upon it.

But in reality, I believe that this sentence was deleted not long after it was penned (I can say that it wasn’t there as of Oct. 20 ’07; less than 3 mo. later).  This was a light bulb moment, and CJ figured that if the kid was wacky enough to stick a Koran in a toilet, then he was wacky enough to incriminate himself further on a very public blog.  And while the sure solution would be to just undo it, euthanizing the account would have been deemed too unpopular at the time.  So that leaves hiding it, telling him to shut up, and hoping that the other side doesn’t make the connection between “StanS” and Stanislav.  In other words, the scrubbing was for Shmulevich’s protection.  (shortly after, a pro bono LGF legal defense team sprung into action!)  The question really is how long it took for CJ to realize that he was being a bonehead.

Exit question:  What happened with Stanislav Shmulevich, anyway?

More Memory Hole Adventures coming soon!