And He’s a Poopyhead, Too!!!

This may be a new record for vacuous name-calling:

Knowing nothing about this guy, I don’t know what skeletons he may or may not have in his closet, but the post on LFG wasn’t any help in that department, it was just a link to a TPM article on the win.

He’s not even cutting and pasting anymore; he’s just throwing a link to somebody else’s work, and a few pejoratives, and calling it a thread.

If The Jazz Man ran a country!

The FBI recently banned a British teen from entering the US for insulting Obama. This explains why Charles “Icarus” Johnson loves Obama. If he ran a country, he would ban those who don’t like him from entering!

It’s so sad if it wasn’t so true!

(Hat Tip: Bumr50)

More LGF/SPLC Libel

Here we have a case of Charles Johnson quoting libel from the Southern Poverty Law Center in order to once again – surprise! – bash Pam Geller.

So we have a blogger, notorious for his libel, quoting as an authority a organization, which has recently also been reduced to a libel factory, in order to stalk the object of his infatuation, Ms. Geller.

Another day at LFG.

Lying Liar Alert

Chuck Johnson caught red handed once again with a headline that doesn’t match the quoted text of the referenced article:

Limiting funding is not a “ban”, Mr. Johnson. A “ban” would be unconstitutional. Even you know that, I suspect. Or maybe not.

LGF goes into full bore jihadi territory.

Behold the enemy within!

And look at the single comment below.

A 180 degree turnaround to me means that Charles Johnson has either recited the shahada or is just a complete moron. I dare say he has chosen the former.

From my vantage point, that blog of Chuckie has gone way beyond a pro-Islamic blog. LGF is creeping closer and closer to becoming an active participant of the global jihad and as far as I am concerned, he is yet another fifth columnist and needs to be under surveillance.

A big thanks to refugee000 for bringing this to the forefront.


Update by Iapyx, h/t to Shadowman, From 2003:

The Little Green Blogger Mocks Children

Way to go, Chuck. Hammer on a 9-year-old girl for a typo she fixed, but not to your standards of perfection. How anal-retentive can a once-prominent blogger get before his own head implodes from a self-induced vacuum?

Update: Before the Little Green Eraser kicks in, here’s a screenshot of the original post:

You got it. He cherry picked a photo of Gramma holding up her granddaughter’s poster. Here’s the original link for photos.