The Throbbing LGF Memo

So there is NO DOUBT of this fucker’s treachery.

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The Jazz Man is clearly hurting financially. His shift to the Left hasn’t worked out so well in monetary terms. He is laughed at by the major players on the Progressive scene and is just ignored. Now in order to get more money he is offering that if you subscribe to LGF through paypal and donate $10 a month, you will get an ad free LGF!

Clearly the Jazz Man is desperate and needs money. But here is warning, if you do you subscribe to LGF via Paypal do so at your own risk. The Jazz man has outed people’s identities via their Paypal information. This subscription is not only a way to make money, but to gather information on people.


Caught in the Act!

The Jazz Man was busted for editing a past post where he called Imam Rauf, an Islamic Extremist. Well He admits to his wrong doing but justifies it!


The Jazz Man can explain this away. The fact is he got caught changing a previous post to reflect his current opinions. He’s a fraud and deserves all the ridicule he gets.

More “That was Then”

That was then (H/T to Chenzhen):

This is now:

What once was SCIENCE!!!! is now BAD CRAZY!!!

Welcome to LGF-land where the inconvenient past can always be changed to fit the present!

The Husky ponytailed blogger has been caught  doing his version of Stalinist  airbrushing his own written word.

hat tip – Weasel Zippers

BUSTED! Lefty Blogger Charles Johnson Caught Scrubbing Evidence He Once Called Ground Zero Mosque Imam an “Islamic Supremacist”…

Before scrubbing:

After scrubbing: You can clearly see the Husky Ponytailed Blogger went back and deleted the evidence of his flaming hypocrisy, he’s has been working overtime lately calling those who describe Imam Rauf as an Islamic supremacist as “Islamophobes, racists and bigots”…

Read the rest Busted! Lefty blogger Charles Johnson caught scrubbing evidence he once called  Ground Zero Mosque Iman an “Islamic Supremacist”.