More Chuckian Logic

What can I say?

H/T: Poteen

Raw vicious anti-semitism rears its head at LGF…

There was a poster by the name of Tsedek, an Israeli, who made a comment to the suckasses over at the BVoAF who posted this over there:

31 downdings! Amazing.

Then he posted this:

Makes a good point and is clubbed 20 times in the head for his trouble…

He goes on and makes another excellent point:

15 idiots come in and downding him. Lovely.

Now get a load of THIS:

I’ll lay down 1000 quatloos that goddamnfrank is a muzz. Step right up and place your bets! You can’t win if you don’t play!

Tsedek is not pleased with the blog version of the Sturm Abteilung as you can see next:

Good going, you assholes. The ugly American perception is in full force because of creatures like you. Nice way to piss on an ally. Taking lessons from Barry the Kenyan?

Well, now this filthy POS pulls out the ugly view that Pam is a Nazi. Lovely!

Cato and two other chuckie lovers fall all over themselves to wave goodbye and please their Culver City overseer:

I’m glad that Tsedek came back at goddamnfrank right here:

This is the topper:

Look at that. Cookbook girl has to get the last word in. What a whore!

Charles, see what happens when everyone tries to defend the Ground Zero Mosque and there is no tolerance for well thought out viewpoints? Anti-semites come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. How come? Is it because you are just a complete idiot or is there something else in play here?

The new friends of Charles Johnson

When you support the Ground Zero Mosque, you put ‘people’ like this on your side.

Charles Johnson Just Doesn’t Get It

Charles wonders why the right blogosphere isn’t going boinkers over the guy in NC who claims to be the Christian OBL:

Here’s a clue. Free of charge. Maybe it’s because this guy is, in your words, “just nuts”?

Or is Chuck the final arbiter of who’s “just nuts” and who isn’t?

This is Me. Irony.

This little snippet encapsulates the irony of the BVoAF perfectly:

Maybe that might have something to do with the way your blogfuhrer hops up and down and shrieks “BIGOT!!!!” and “ISLAMOPHOBE!!!!!11” when someone “speaks out against” the ground zero triumphal victory mosque?