Johnson Solves Age Old Mathematical Problem

Ludwig should be proud of his master. He’s invented a new logic so advanced, it contradicts itself in multiple places. Savor the Chuckian Logic:

So all negative feelings about a group stem from prejudice, and anyone who protests his innocence is guilty. But what of the Tea Parties? Isn’t criticism of Tea Parties and Tea Partiers prejudice?

This is where the brilliant innovation come in. The counterintuitive answer is, NO, because they’re prejudiced.

Brilliant, no? And elegant, too. There’s a Nobel Prize waiting for the inventor of Chuckian Logic. Now Charles Johnson can join the brilliant likes of Al Gore and Barack Obama and Yassir Arafat.

And the No Shiite, Sherlock Award goes to…

Chuck Johnson. Captain Obvious has Science!!!!!11 to prove what ought to be obvious to an aardvark:

No shit, Chucky? People opposed to the mosque don’t feel all warm and fuzzy about islam in general? Say it ain’t so!!! 🙄