Roadkill is funny according to The Swamp

Okay, it’s a dumb amateur video (click on it to see it on YouTube). Why it amuses CJ so much to post it puzzles this longtime lizard turncoat, but looky here:

Sophomoric at best, but not exceptionally clever or funny, as it has nothing to do with the *ahem* story of the 38 seconds of graphic masturbation.  On the other hand some lizards get their jollies, including the One Who’s Likely to Ban Me soon (OWL BMs):

Buncha sickos over at the fatman’s trough.

Blogmocracy Hiccup Thread

At least in my corner of the country, the Blogmocracy server is down, so this thread is here just for whatever until it’s back up again. I have no knowledge of what’s going on, or if this is even a server problem v.s. a local routing issue.

Alouette tries to be cute…

Being obtuse, Alouette? I have been listening to Laura Schlessinger for a number of years on KFI and you can’t tell me that she never had a black caller? A few years ago, she had a call screener who is black. So cut the crap.

Typical race baiting liberal. Fucking marxist. And the term racist was coined by none other than Leon Trotsky, the founder of the Red Army.