The Jazz Man now criticizes the Iraq War

The Jazz Man was one of the biggest backers of the Iraq war. He was all gung-ho in the lead up and to his credit, never wavered in support during the darkest times. Now that he’s a Obamabot, he takes a shot at the war he once championed.

The Jazz Man has no honor and is spitting on the grave of the 4400 who sacrificed to at least pull out a military win there. Also the war had little effect on the economy as we had 6 years of economic growth. This is intellectually dishonest and shows that Charles “Icarus” Johnson has no honor.

Have you no shame Charles?

Update: The Jazz Man criticizes the cost of the war now. If that bothers him, then the Obama Porkulus pay off to Progressive interest aka. The Stimulus cost more than 8 years of Iraq.  The war at least was militarily won, while the stimulus was a failure. I bet he doesn’t mention this little fact, does he?

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Update II: Here’s the Jazz Man defending the war and pointing out Saddam’s connections to Islamic Terror groups. He uses Michelle Malkin as a source.

Here’s the Jazz Man using Victor David Hanson to defend the war.

The Jazz Man uses a Melanie Phillips article to show Saddam had Chemical and Biological weapons

No matter what he does, Charles can’t escape the fact he was a supporter of the war. He is a liar and can’t hid from the truth.

Here is the Jazz Man wishing our troops success when the invasion of Iraq began.

Here is Charles claiming that Progressives love Osama.

Since he is now a Progressive and using his logic, he supports Osama Bin Laden. After all, he claims the Left does. He is now a Leftists and he actually supports Islamic Colonialism now.

How times have changed.

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Update III for the helluvit: Here is a post of the Jazz Man mocking Rachael Corrie aka. St. Pancake, who you are no longer allowed to talk bad about at LGF.

Loodwig Makes Up New Crimes, Doesn’t Know Meaning of “Genocide”, or How Constitutional Republic Works

This is just so so junior high:

There’s a crime on the books called “criminally negligent genocide”??? Or do you think that in the US we can pass ex post facto laws?

It gets crazier. The link goes to the batshit crazy union of concerned scientists site.  And they’re barking about precisely what?

The campaign promoting Proposition 23, a referendum on California’s November ballot that would essentially annul the state’s landmark clean energy law, is being funded primarily by two Texas-based oil companies. The companies, Valero Energy and Tesoro Corporation, two of California’s top pollutersare spending millions of dollars to convince voters to block implementation of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32).

Millions of dollars, oh my!

Ludwig, you’re a smart guy, no? So you know how the constitutional system in the US works, no? And so you know that when the Supreme Court decides that campaign contributions are protected speech under the First Amendment, that no law can abridge that, no? So you know that there can’t be a valid constitutional law against them funding this, no?

Where did I go wrong? Which assumption was wrong?

And what racial and ethnic groups is being killed by California not implementing a state law regarding CO2? The carbon people?

The Fascist Fantasies of Ludwig

Hispanophobic Hizballah supporting Totalitarian Progressive LGF cult member the Lewd Squid has dreams that his fellow Progressives Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Castro proud. He has a deranged world view where the elites will rule and the masses will be have no say.

This is the face of Fascism, which the Lewdsquid claims he’s against. There was push backed and he was smacked up nicely!

Lewdsquid then says women should not have the right to vote. Walter calls him out on this misogynist attitude.

This insane man would of made a great NKVD or SS officer!

(Hat Tip: Typical Whitey)

The hatred of Beck

Occasionally someone over at LGF voices some sanity. Cliffster askes the Jazz Man cultists, why all the hatred of Beck’s rally?

Well the Christian hating Hispanophobic Islamic Imperialist Sharia law supporting Fake Zionist, gives an honest answer.

This shows what LGF is all about. It’s a hate blog, pure and simple.

I’m Sorry Nation

The Jazz Man has delusions of grandeur and thinks he influences world events. He now apologizes for voting for McCain/Palin and not Obama.

The Jazz Man acts as if the nation hangs on his every word. Well the nation has a response to the Jazz Man’s apology. The results are not good!

Charles, the nation could care less about what your opinions are. You are a laughing-stock and the numbers don’t lie. You are irrelevant and have no effect on public opinion. Enjoy your cult of losers.

Corpulent crank blogger exposed as a hypocrite

via Tim Blair

Charles Johnson, 2010:

Today Glenn Beck said he’s sorry he called Obama a ‘racist with a deep seated hatred of white culture‘.

Charles Johnson, 2007:

Here’s a piece on Barack Obama’s past, based on his own account of his shockingly racist anti-white attitudes.

Lying about Imam Rauf’s views on Israel

Totalitarian progressive and Jazz Man cultist Obdicut lies about Imam Rauf. He claims that this Islamic Imperialist supports Israel.

This is a lie by Obdicut and he knows it. Imam Rauf called for an end to Israel and the creation of a Bi National state. This is not supporting Israel, it’s calling for its destruction. This is another example of the Progressive-Islamic Axis.

Obdicut lectures lawhawk

Forget it Obdicut – you ain’t in his league by a long shot!

219 lawhawk8/30/2010 6:26:05 am PDT

Greets and saluts from the newly greened Ground Zero (the Port Authority started planting trees for the 9/11 memorial over the weekend). The firestorm over the Cordoba House proposed community center continues, with further reporting on possible problems with the the imam and developer as alternatively, slumlord and tax cheat (failing to pay property taxes on properties in New Jersey).

223 Obdicut8/30/2010 6:29:48 am PDT

re: #219 lawhawk

Do you really think posting tabloid stories about the community center is a good idea?

244 lawhawk8/30/2010 6:49:10 am PDT

re: #223 Obdicut

The “tabloid stories” as you put it are shaping the public’s opinion on the community center. While you might disparage the Post, perhaps a similar report from the Bergen Record might carry greater weight? Or maybe the NYT, which in a report about Imam Rauf, noted that SoHo Properties did owe $200k, but that the matter was being resolved.

Even as the project’s developers collected $10,000 at a fund-raiser this weekend, they were working to settle an outstanding property tax bill of more than $200,000 on the site where the center is expected to be built.Representatives of the real estate concern run by Sharif el-Gamal, the developer on the project, said they had delayed the payments while negotiating with the city for a lower tax.

Mr. Gamal plans to buy the land from Con Edison, the current owner, which has said the transaction would proceed as long as Mr. Gamal agrees to a price set by an appraiser.

The fact is that the Post and Daily News do quite a bit of good local reporting, and if you can get past the tabloid nature, you’d find that some of their reporting is better than that of the NY Times (especially when related to Ground Zero construction – I routinely look at all four local papers for stories, and the Post and News report far more on Ground Zero than the others; for the Cordoba controversy, I look at all four, and average ’em to get a good idea what’s going on).

247 Obdicut Mon, Aug 30, 2010 6:58:45am

re: #244 lawhawk

I do disparage the Post. And yes, I agree that they’re shaping opinion on it– and you’re assisting. That’s what I’m pointing out. Whether or not Rauf is a good landlord is completely immaterial to the building of the community center; to me, it’s a rather transparent smear campaign, and I’m disappointed to see you enabling it.

There are thousands of development deals going on in NYC right now. None of the rest of them are being scrutinized like this. The reasons for this are obvious: these are Muslims.

Two classless assholes

Hey how is that cookbook doing? I remember when you used to be  a conservative until your loneliness forced you into accepting the group think over at the sewer plant.

438 Dark_Falcon8/29/2010 8:38:46 pm PDT

re: #411 austin_blue

Adios, Pottymouth. Have fun at the Stalker Site.

That’s not a good thing to say. And I checked over there: she hasn’t posted there. But I do need to say something to one of the people over there:

To “Typicalwhitey”: Go fuck yourself.

480 Sun, Aug 29, 2010 8:55:30pm

re: #438 Dark_Falcon

That’s not a good thing to say. And I checked over there: she hasn’t posted there. But I do need to say something to one of the people over there:

To “Typicalwhitey”: Go fuck yourself.


Chuck Meets Mandy, Mandy Kicks Ass

A friend and member of The Blogmocracy asked that I post this on behalf of Mandy Manners who got the stick today. The intelligence quotient of LGF just dropped by 40% or so.

The Great Purge is now complete… except for me and my socks.