Charles Johnson, libel blogger extraordinaire, is at it again (I say that like it ever stops).

Don’t be a h8er, maaan. It isn’t Pamela’s fault that nobody wants to buy what you’re selling.

Fiction he says. There are 30 pages of notes in that book. Come on, you remember what fact checking is?

Cj, leave the literary works to your betters. Stick with pimping comics.

47 Comments on “CJ, CJ, CJ”

  1. Hercales says:

    What a fat (literally), angry, jealous bastard!

  2. Daedalus says:

    Dude looks like a whale.

  3. Hera says:

    He needs to spend less time worrying about Pamela and more time worrying about getting fitted for a bra.

  4. snowcrash says:

    Who is Elon Green? WTF is it his business who a publishing company publishes? This is the same crap Media Matters tries to push with Fox News when Gellar is on any show. Pam sticks in their craw. Guess liberal men don’t like a woman with a smart mouth. lol

  5. wooly one says:

    Moobie Dick.

  6. The Osprey says:

    You think he look bloated in this pic? Take a look at him on the “Dangerous Minds” interview on Vimeo…He’s got an extra set of spare tires that have Dunlop’d over.

  7. The Osprey says:

    Charles Johnson, Son of Flubber

    • Arachne says:

      What the EFF with the laptop in the photo? Did he call KKKilgore to post something mean on the web about him so he could get the soooper sekrit signal to open it up and show how much he’s hated all over the webz?

      Meanwhile, the webz yawns at the mention of Jazzy Johnson’s name, rolls over and goes back to sleep.

  8. The Osprey says:

    Okay, who put the “moobs” tag on the Charles pic…LOL…

  9. Shadowman says:

    In johnsons post he uses a renamed link called ‘a book’ .

    That link is an Amazon store link to Gellers book.This means that any books bought through that link,give the Amazon store owner a percentage of the sales.

    Who’s the Amazon store owner? …

    Charles Johnson.

    Yes,that’s right,johnson is trying to make money from the sales of Gellers book, what an absolute hypocritical parasite.

  10. Overlook says:

    Why did the Wally feel the need to write that ?
    It says nothing about the book. It makes no point at all.
    It is just insulting – not even funny. He lets off these stink bombs in order to bait trolls and test the loyalty of the people of Swat. They communicate nothing to passing readers.
    Swat is fast becoming like Gaza. A prison of the mind.

  11. grimcargo says:

    GD that is so freaking ugly. Chuck ought to be arrested for impersonating a human.

  12. My Little Ponytail says:

    “Crazed wingnut blogger Pamela “Shrieking Harpy” Geller has a book out, which must have been a real chore for the unlucky editor who had to correct her misspellings and tortured grammar. Elon Green has a look at this work of fiction (co-written with her fellow anti-Muslim fascist sympathizer, Robert Spencer), and asks the relevant question: Why Is Simon & Schuster Spreading the Wild Conspiracy Theories of an Unhinged Islamophobic Blogger?”

    And you know this how?

    One more time, this isn’t Charles Johnson as we knew him in 2006. That Charles wouldn’t have ever written such a pointless blob of angry non-sequitur. This is someone else.

    • snowcrash says:

      Little Pony, Johnson IS a pointless blob of angry non-sequiturs. It is as simple as that.

    • nil stooge says:

      That’s an interesting theory – that today’s CJ is literally not the same person as the 2006 CJ.

      I don’t feel I knew the 2006 CJ well enough to make that judgement – he commented exceedingly rarely then (now he’s commenting in 60% of the threads on average) and his historical comments seemed to be terse and often more bookkeeping-type stuff than on-topic. So I think the simpler explanation is that CJ was always pretty much a closet liberal who got caught up in 9/11 and mostly talked about that to the exclusion of other issues until the immediacy of 9/11 diminished sufficiently, and he decided his true politics would be more marketable with the election of Obama.

      But anyway, let’s stipulate that the current CJ isn’t the historical CJ. Doesn’t that raise the question of why the historical CJ is apparently perfectly content to let the current bogus CJ besmirch his good name with pointless non-sequiturs. What’s an explanation for that that is any less of an indictment of the ‘real’ CJ, wherever, whoever he is?

      • The Osprey says:

        I tend to agree with Nil…I think it’s the same CJ. I think a number of things drove him back to the left…his perception the threat from jihadists was diminishing, his failed attempts at a business alliance with other right wing bloggers (PJ Media) left him angry at the conservative blogosphere, and I think a very strong component of it was his hostility at the California electorate who despite voting for Obama, voted for Proposition 8. (BTW, I do not think Chuckles is “teh ghey” but some one in his closest circle of friends is, hence is extreme touchiness on anything resembling “homophobia”). Add in his dislike for “Creationists” and as the Brits say, “Bob’s your uncle”.

      • My Little Ponytail says:

        I’m not focusing on political orientation. That can actually change. It’s the other intangible things; the anger, the childishness, the completely different persona that just screams not just liberal, but frothy moonbat. It’s a different axis from political orientation; and indicates a different personality.

        If someone i that passionate, why was he holding back in ’05 and ’06? If you can show me some of that foaming-at-the-mouth passion against the Kos Kiddies or Mama Moonbat or Hamas, it would make more sense.

      • nil stooge says:

        MLP: well if it’s not him, why is the real CJ letting this stuff get said in his name? If he’s alive and mentally competent then what’s the difference between saying it himself and letting it be said in his name by some impersonator?

  13. kansas says:

    Well, in fairness I think I will go check out Charles’ book on Amazon………………I’m back. Couldn’t find it. The jealousy, it burns.

  14. PeteP says:

    Seems like Chuck is the one who is unhinged. Notice his choice of words to describe Pamela…”crazed’, “fascist”, “anti-Muslim”, “unhinged”. He’s definitely losing it. And who is Elon Green?

    • My Little Ponytail says:

      Elon Green is a gossip writer at the New York Observer. Now how exactly CJ became connected with this obscure figure is a little mysterious, but I suspect that he googled for anything negative on the boog, and came up with…surprise!…a moonbat.

      Chuck is a Moobbat.

  15. My Little Ponytail says:

    BTW, I also suspect that Alon Green has Pam issues, since she was once a New York Post reporter. Sorry, Alon. No Pammy for you.

    • nil stooge says:

      Yeah CJ really does have Pam issues – that’s abundantly clear from the constant “shrieking harpy” google landmines he can’t stop himself from sowing.

      • Arachne says:

        Considering that the Johnson becomes almost hysterical in his threads on just about any subject touching on the right, and let’s not forget his mania over the boiled plastic frog – for him to call anyone else a shrieking harpy (and Johnson, that phrase is effing redundant a harpy is presumed to be shrieking – that’s why they’re called harpies, you effin’ pretentious moron).

        And where’s YOUR book? Oh that’s right – you don’t actually do anything except appropriate the work of OTHERS.

  16. The Osprey says:


    • Arachne says:

      Remember how incensed he got that “little children” might have been exposed to this dreadful incident? Because little chidren scurry home from school and interrupt their playing the minute Glenn Beck is on.

      If JJ had half a brain, it would be lonesome.

      • The Osprey says:

        Ah, yes. How traumatized those children must have been by Glenn Beck’s boiling of a rubber frog!

      • That’s if the children weren’t busy being offended by Mexican kids waving the mexican flag at an American school….

        ON THE 4TH OF JULY…….

  17. The Original says:

    After reading the bashing of Christians with what he called “facts” (when in reality, they were NOT facts) on LGF, I quit reading that waste of bandwidth. Sometimes he goes beyond irrational. I am finding more and more people across the blogosphere who had run-ins with CJ. I find it a miracle that his blog still exists.

  18. DEZ says:

    Amazon.com has been notified.

  19. phoenixgirl says:

    it took longer for him to comment on it than i thought…..he must have passed out in his ice cream…..

    • Arachne says:

      Oh thanks. My brand new mocha just hit the computer screen. How will I ever explain to the Geek Squad?

  20. African Moondog says:

    And to think that without LGF there would be no Atlas Shrugged or Jihad Watch. And nowadays those two sites have a bigger readership and greater reach than the founding blog. Perhaps that what infuriates the proprietor of that blog, plus the fact that he keeps trying to start flame wars with Pamela and she ignores him completely.

    • 1389AD says:

      I think there would eventually have been Atlas Shrugged and Jihad Watch, even without LGF. Good people with talent eventually find their audience.

  21. princess Natasha says:

    OMG… OMFG… I knew CJ was fugly, but gott-damn, that shot was vomit-inducing. Holy shit, Batman! What the FUCK was Sharmutant smoking when she fell in love with this atrocity? After seeing that shot, I had to break my habit of not drinking martinis till after 5 pm, and here I am having one before noon. Holy SHIT! Teh FUGLY, it buuuuuurnnnssss! Someone, hand me a pair of scissors, I want to gouge out my mind’s eye.

    • DEZ says:

      Fortunately the limp noodled dork holster never fathered a child.

    • Bweep says:

      Apparently he’s a super athlete who regularly cycles as far as Saturn……Looks more to me like he’s tried to eat it…..

      BTW: He missed a golden chance to plug his own ‘book’ in that thread…

      PS. If you notice that whenever CJ does an online ‘interview’…he always puts the web cam low down to hide his chins…In other words…he knows he’s a fat bastard.