Tim Blair p*wns the Johnson – again!


Tim Blair – Monday, July 26, 10 (04:59 am)

Charles “Pancake” Johnson remains insistent that cause and effect don’t occur in that order:

By now, you can predict right wing tactics almost to the letter. Whenever Fox News, a Tea Party group, or a Congressman from Texas is caught saying or doing something stupid, misogynist, racist, or kinky, the tactic is: pick out an irrelevant or minor point in the criticism that can be portrayed as inaccurate or wrong in some way, then relentlessly hammer away at it while ignoring any and all substantive issues. This minor point will often involve a deliberate misrepresentation of the criticism, as well.

You can see Fox News using this depressingly familiar tactic today, in their excuses for their role in the right wing lynching of Shirley Sherrod.

The talking point on which Fox settled very early was that they had not even mentioned the Sherrod story on air before she resigned from the USDA. And while this may be true

… it just doesn’t matter! Apparently Fox still lynched Sherrod, despite the fact that she’d already been lynched (according to Johnson’s use of the term). Impressively, despite his mistaken (and uncorrected) attempts to frame Fox over Sherrod’s resignation, Johnson now faults the network itself for poor “fact-checking”. In more ways than one, this boy ain’t right.

UPDATE. I wrote this response before Charles wrote his post. That’s how things work now.

UPDATE II. West Wing white guys blamed! Unless Fox is now embedded with Obama, this is probably another sign of the network’s non-involvement. (Via Instapundit)

UPDATE III. Little Dean Footballs! Howard Dean goes ponytail:

DEAN: Did you play, did Fox News play the clip that turned out to be inaccurate?

WALLACE: After she was fired.

DEAN: Right. I don’t think it matters whether it was before or after.

UPDATE – from the comments on Tim Blair’s blog

from former LGFer Spiny Norman

Howard Dean goes ponytail:

This exchange at the end is hilarious:

GINGRICH: …If the Obama Administration is this afraid of Glenn Beck, how do they deal with the Iranians? I mean, if, if they, a news show, forces this level of…

DEAN: There may be some similarities, Newt. There may be some similarities.

GINGRICH: I’m just saying, if they’re that frightened by an American TV show, how do they deal with the real world?

(Noel Sheppard) Well, Mr. Speaker, if the Iranians lobbed a nuclear device at Israel today, Dean and the entire liberal media would likely blame it on Fox News.

The Obama Administration is exhibiting a level of incompetence I haven’t seen since the Jimmy Carter disaster.

Spiny Norman (Reply)

15 Comments on “Tim Blair p*wns the Johnson – again!”

  1. FurryOldGuyJeans says:

    Twist the “facts”, or just make ’em up, to fit the narrative you want to promote instead of letting the facts define what is true.

  2. My Little Ponytail says:

    Don’t tell chuck that the temperatures rose before the CO2 did…

  3. Hercales says:

    Tim Blair and R.S. McCain always beat the shit out of Fatso.

    • My Little Ponytail says:

      Then why’s he always full of shit?

      • Hercales says:

        No his shit gets beaten out of him. Charlie Johnson is a jive ass punk who cries whenever someone slaps him back (and then finishes off a gallon of Haagen Dazs as an act of self love).

      • Arachne says:

        Geert Wilders….Supremecist flag….photoshop.
        Wasn’t Fox News and it wasn’t Brietbart who published it.
        Wasn’t the TEA Partiers or a Congressman from Texas.

        It was the Johnson.

      • 1389AD says:

        There’s an endless supply. He won’t run out.

  4. snowcrash says:

    Wow, CJ lifts all his thread ideas from Talking Points Memos these days. Seriously, he is one lazy ass blogger. I wont link TPM, but if you look at the top stories, you can predict Johnsons page. What a hack writer.

    • Hercales says:

      You can really see now how dependent he waws in the old days on his posters sending him stories and links for him to get this threads.

      • Doppelganger says:

        and he’s basically left with people who use terms like “butthurt” and wh get upset about who you do or do not ding.

        Charlies Chickens……………are coming home………….to roost

  5. Doppelganger says:

    charles used to fact check your ass.

    now he ass checks the facts

  6. Doppelganger says:

    The screenshot of the LGF Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast Thread from 2006 was ownage of epic proportion.

    facts are stubborn things

  7. Briareus says:

    Charles cherry picks ad edits quotes the way he used to when he was attacking Al Jazeera and Reuters and others. They were on a witchhunt the other night after trapping a sock,

    • Briareus says:

      That comment sounded wrong. Charles cherry picks quotes from middle to right wing sites.
      There’s no need to cherry pick Reuters and Al-Jazeera. THEY are the ones who cherry picked quotes and edited photos. Sorry.

  8. Princess Natasha says:

    Does Scmuckles no-Johnson realize how much of a douchebomb he is? We’re talking weapons-grade douchetude. Megatons of douchery! (So much, in fact, it just might make Weezy become almost compliant with basic rules of hygiene… Or at least stop swarms of flies from following her)