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Another racist tirade from LudwigVanQuixote

White Supremacist, LudwigVanQuixote, goes off on another racist tirade. He comes to the defense of a Totalitarian Progressive self hating Hispanic woman who called on people in Anaheim to go back to Europe. What people were pointing out was that it was a racist remark and that she herself is European looking. This sent Ludwig on a racial tirade in my direction.

Let me pick apart his Neo-Nazi like racist argument.

The Rodent also responds to this one…

Rats were used in Nazi Germany in their portrait of Jews. Neo Nazi and Aryan Nation types use this term in their description of those they deem inferior. Ludwig let’s his racism show by using this vile term in his description of me.

This quote by him is very telling. He feels compelled to make excuses for his complexion.

So pointing out that I’m olive skin because I have Lebanese in me is making excuses for my complexion? No I am describing my appearance which you have deemed non white. By your standards Italians, Greeks and Jews are not white. Clearly this is a ridiculous and racist argument.

Again Rodent, there is nothing wrong, or lesser, or bad about not being white.

Is there something wrong with pointing out that White covers a variety of people of people who don’t fit your Aryan Nation stereotype of blond hair blue eyes? What is wrong with claiming to be white? Is it that White Hispanics, Italians, Jews and Greeks don’t fit your racist definition of white? You act as if it’s an exclusive club that only Nordic/Germanic/Anglo-Saxons can belong. This is a racist definition you are stating.

The people who will call you a mud person are the same ones who will happily deport you. They are the ones you hang out with.

You are the one who called me a mud person since you have an inferiority complex towards Hispanics because we had a great Empire in the past that you are envious of. How can I hang out with people who would deport me? See, unlike you, because of my people’s history I don’t fear the racists who would want to deport me. Us Hispanics have always defeated those that have tried to exterminate us. Ask your beloved Arab Muslims who we fought 700 years and defeated. My ancestors where conquerors hence I don’t have  a victim chip, unlike you. Coldwarrior invited me and I stayed at his house for 4th of July weekend. A racist wouldn’t do that. Have you ever had a Hispanic stay at your house? I think not since you are resentful of us and can’t let go of ancient grudges.

How much must he hate that proud Latina woman who stands up for her people, and has no shame whatsoever about her beautiful, not so white, skin?

Proud Latina, again another racist comment. Latina is a term used in Spanish, Italian or Portuguese to describe a female of Latin origins. The term in English would be Latin Female. By using the term Latina, you imply she can’t speak English. She is from the Hispanic branch of the Latin people. Look at her complexion, she is a White Hispanic. However, thanks to racist White Supremacist Progressives like yourself she is not standing up for us, she is projecting her self-hatred on White Americans.

How he must despise her for boldly being everything he hates about himself.

I don’t despise her at all. I feel sorry she has let herself be brainwashed and a pawn for racist Progressives like you. She is a Brown Beret, which is a Marxist Castroite movement controlled by White Progressives to strip Hispanics of our true identity. Unlike her, I am proud of my heritage, history and our accomplishments. We gave the world the Roman Empire and the Spanish Empire. This is something racist Progressives like you have tried to hide with your control over the educational system. I despise you and all Progressives for the cultural and historical genocide you have committed against Hispanics and even  Italians ( I’m 1/4) to some degree in America. Your brainwashing didn’t work with me and that is why you fear me. Everyone knows I am proud of being Hispanic more than this useful mental slave of yours ever will be.

The name LudwigVanQuixote is in itself racist. LudwigVan is a German name, while Quixote comes from Don Quixote, a fictional character written by Cervantes. The writer of that book, Miguel Cervantes, was a veteran of the Battle of Lepanto when my ancestors defeated your beloved Muslims. You are mocking a beloved Hispanic fictional character by adding a German name to it, hence implying white supremacy over Hispanics.

Lewdsquid, you may fool the people at LGF with your self-righteous rants, but you don’t fool me. You are a racist and this post by you makes it obvious for all the world. You are envious that my ancestors on two different occasions dominated the world and hate the fact I know this. Get over yourself White Supremacist trash and deal with the fact there are Hispanics like me who know our true history.

The hate runs deep

You know what is amazing to me? All this tossing around the ‘we are stalkers‘ all the time by this marxist proves beyond any doubt that the ludmeister has become a stalker himself.

Comments on this are welcome, as usual. Luddie can even come in here and leave a comment also!

For ‘Just Another Loozard’

It’s bad enough to be an admitted loozard in 2010, but it takes a special kind of stupid to honestly think a “sekrit” thread is really secret or to really believe that cj is the arbiter of all that is good and holy.

(Bagua fills us in)

The context of Baguagate – like we didn’t know already:

Note the chronology by time stamp. Bagua never starts up with the socioweasel, rather, he responds after she is attacking whomever is on her list. In this case, after a week of absence, the socioweasel made two comments about Bagua, who then logged on and spoke some truth to her (or it.)

Of course ponytail deleted Bagua’s posts, but left the Socioweasel and Slimmah’s posts. Typical, he protects the other freaks like the AGW psychotic ludnut in the same manner.

All done, and CJ locked the thread to hide his embarrassment. Note that the actual thread of the banning, (D13banning) was a reference to Brietbart, not the socioweasel, but CJ pretended it was about the weasel as an excuse for banning. Obviously Bagua was on his list. Note also that the socioweasel falsely accused Walter of calling her a whore, he didn’t, he just asked “what time do the streetwalkers get out of work in NYC?” which the socioweasel pretended was directed at her. Of course, it is all about her, and the other freaks. Lol.

This is why the weasel, Ludnut and CJ are so tight. They are all dishonest smear merchants, if they can’t anger one enough to say something angry, as in walter’s case, they fabricate an obvious lie. Disgusting.

And …

Damn, jimmah! You really need to try harder. That girl sounds like she hasn’t been laid in years. Must be the economy.