Dark Falcon praises Obama

Dark Falcon who claims to be a Conservative, exposes his leftist nature. He sides with Progressives in debates and sticks up for them, even when they insult him. He now goes on to praise Barack Hussein Obama.

Kurt doesn’t explain Obama’s anemic poll ratings if he is being seen in a good light. Dark Falcon is no Conservative, he is a Totalitarian Progressive who supports the radical ideology of the Obama regime. Kurt, give up you fake Conservative act, you are a leftist who would be at home in Chavez’s Venezuela.

The Jazz Man praises a Radical Progressive

The Jazz Man continues to defends and praise radicals. In his latest example he praises the former head of the NAACP, Julian Bond for attack Andrew Breitbart. Bond who is a Radical Totalitarian Progressive is no one to be attacking anyone.

Here are some of Julian Bond’s radicalism on display.

In the late 1960s, Bond voiced his concern that the police might start napalming blacks in the inner cities, and openly suggested that the poor might legitimately seize property by force in order to achieve their goals.

In 1970 Bond compared Adolf Hitler’s relationship to Jews with Richard Nixon’s relationships to blacks.

In Bond’s calculus, America is a hopelessly racist nation. “Everywhere we see clear racial fault lines, which divide American society as much now as at any time in our past,” he said in 1999.

In December 2001, Bond praised longtime Communist Party USA leader James E. Jackson, Jr., an individual described by CPUSA Executive Vice Chair Jarvis Tyner as “a consummate teacher of Marxism-Leninism.”

The Jazz Man himself is radical so it’s no shocker he praises Julian Bond. Another example of the radical and totalitarian nature of the this man.

In another note, Tranzi Totalitarian Progressive Reginald Perrin thinks it’s a big deal if someone writes at both Pajamas Media and Newsbusters.

Reggie, who cares?

(Hat Tip: Mr. Paul Revere)

The Jazz Man defends a racist

In the twisted world of the Jazz Man, racism is OK. He has advocated abortions for African kids and has a white supremacist poster on his blog. He defends most forms of racism and backed the Black Panthers. Now he defends Black racist Shirley Sherrod.

Racism in all its forms is evil and the Jazz Man is OK with this.

Ludwig tells Dark Falcon to stop being a coward

A broken clock is right twice a day and White Supremacist LudwigVanQuixote is spot on about this one. He calls Dark Falcon a coward because he doesn’t take a stand. As much as Kurt has grovel at the feet of the Progressives, they still don’t accept him.

Kurt, no one respects a coward!