What’s a day at The Island of Lost Souls without a sighting of some good old fashioned “white supremacists”?

Jazzman has been looking under his bed and lo and  behold he has found some raaaaacists! Racist  Killgore Guppy  questions  Michael Totten’s credibilty because he writes for Pajamas Media and something called “theheat” gives its unique political-sociological perspective on the G.O.P (hint the GOP are all fascists).

AZ Sheriff Babeu, Frequent Fox Contributor, Appears on White Supremacist Radio Show

WINGNUTS | Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 5:25:47 pm PDT

Arizona Republican Sheriff Paul Babeu is a frequent guest on Fox News, vigorously defending Arizona’s new immigration law on at least 18 occasions.

And last July 10th, Sheriff Babeu appeared on a radio show that openly and proudly promotes white supremacism, antisemitism, Holocaust denial and other extreme right wing causes — the vile, ugly Political Cesspool show, a frequent hang-out of David Duke and other leading lights of the white nationalist sub-subculture: AZ Sheriff Babeu appears on a white nationalist program, invites listeners to join his ‘posse’.

Fox News and neo-Nazi radio shows, sharing guests.

(Hat tip: wrenchwench.)

3 wrenchwench Mon, Jul 19, 2010 5:29:28pm

I wonder if John McCain will continue to use him in his ads. Babeu said in one of them to McCain, “You’re one of us”. Did he ever say what he meant by that?

7 Charles Mon, Jul 19, 2010 5:34:28pm

White supremacists one degree away from the GOP’s presidential candidate. Good freaking grief.

61 Charles Mon, Jul 19, 2010 5:51:59pm

James Edwards is a first-class racist scumbag. He’s attacked me by name several times.

88 Killgore Trout Mon, Jul 19, 2010 6:00:05pm
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  • I see Michael Totten has joined the PJM. What a waste of his credibility.
  • 249 theheat Mon, Jul 19, 2010 6:35:48pm

    McCain doesn’t pick his cohorts very carefully. He warms up with Palin, then hits one out of the park with klukker Babeu. Yet, we’re supposed to believe this doddering fossil – friend to epic dumbasses and world class shitstains – deserves to stay in office until he finally kicks it? Since when is hanging around with white supremacists something you casually wave off, like some minor oversight?

    I never dreamed our country would become the hardline cesspool it has since Obama took office. I really thought I’d seen the worst with Bush Derangement Syndrome. Who would believe just a couple years later, BDS would only earn a PG rating?

  • The United States elects its first black president, and whitey goes into total meltdown crybaby mode, and makes hatin’-n-klukkin’ the officially unofficial party policy of the GOP. It’s incredible. And sickening. And yet, deep down, I kinda always figured the GOP for being exactly that.

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    Hey Jazz Man how about stop living off others. It also didn’t help outing people’s identities who had given you money via paypal. Now the chicken are coming home to roost for you!

    All Hail Charles Johnson!

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    Chuckie, a Muslim-free Manhattan is a worthy goal.

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