Sharmuta has been found

Andrea has been missing for months. She told Hoosier Hoops she was going on a  spiritual journey. The real reason she left was she was heartbroken that someone else was the Jazz Man’s fiance. Iceweasel also seized control of the blog and drove her off. Now she has lined up with Islamic-Imperialist and Albanian terrorist supporter Kejda Gjermani. Kejda who used to be called Medaura, supported the Al-Qaeda linked KLA and their wars of aggression against the Serbs. Sharmuta has now linked up with an individual who is an enemy of Judeo-Christian civilization.

Andrea claims to be a Conservative but she is no such thing. She is a Wilsonian Progressive who supports Islamic aggression against Christian nations and supports amnesty for illegals. She is a low life loser with mental issues. Get help Andrea, seriously.