Luddie wants blood!

Ludwig, take a lude, dood!

Why Sharmuta Left

Iceweasel drops the bomb and corroborates what we all knew. It was no secret Sharmuta was in love with the Jazz Man and thought he loved her as well. When the NY Times interview revealed he had a un Mata Hari fiance, she left LGF on a spiritual journey. Well the Weasels lets it all out.

Sharmuta was heart broken that she was not un Mata Hari, instead it was this person.

How sad!

Ludwig’s racist rant

Radical Totalitarian Progressive LudwigVanQuixote shows off his racist colors again. He loves to demean Hispanics with the term “Brown”. This is a Leftist code word for inferiority status. His latest rant about me includes many racist code words.

Here are examples of his racism.

Rodan, AKA the Rodent

Rodan was a Japanese Monster based on a Pterodactyl, no where near a Rodent. The fact he compares me to a rat is racist. Rats are brown and it is well known that the Nazis called Jews Rats to imply racial inferiority. White Supremacists call Hispanics rats, so Ludwig is clearly a racist.

He believes strangely that Latinos are white and takes vast umbrage at the idea that they are not Caucasian and that it is racist to deny their whiteness

Well according the US Census Bureau, 62% of Hispanics are White. That means the majority of Hispanics are Caucasian. Also the original Latins (Spaniards, Portuguese and Italians) are European, meaning they are white. I guess in Ludwig’s racist mind they are not white enough for his standards. Now where did we hear this before? Nice company you have there Ludwig.

this is because he does not consider those “tainted” by native American blood to be real Latins

What a bunch of crap right there. I have Colombian relatives that have native blood and I consider them Latin. They are Culturally Latin and thus no different from I am. Who I don’t consider Latins are those who claim to be indigenous and claim Aztec ancestry like the La Raza type. You can’t be Culturally Hispanic/Latin and Indigenous at the same time. This is not based on blood, but by culture.

LudwigVanQuixote once again shows his racist attitude towards Hispanics. It is ironic because he often talks about his ancestors in Europe being persecuted by “Evil White Christians”. He now demeans those he considers impure by his standards. He is a racist and this rant is just more evidence!