Butthurt Jimmah

I don’t know the whole Sharmuta story, but I’m led to believe that it was Jimwhistle who threw the first punch. So this comes across as pathetic:

OTOH, Sharm has been known to go off like a bottle rocket when her pony-tailed hero is criticized. I seem to recall something like “fook you; I thought you were dead”. So maybe Jimmah has a reason to be butthurt.

Or maybe not.

Paranoia Strikes Deep

(originally posted by Bunk X)

Heh. How ’bout this, Tasman: tell your master to call off his winged monkeys and quit being a pissant, and this site will disappear. Guess what’ll happen to your account at lgf? Suck it up, son.

That Bunky Guy

(originally posted by Bunk X)