book&page humiliates LGF

The Jazz Man gets called out and his groupies humiliated on his own blog again!

He then challenges the Cultis of the Jazz Man.

Elena Kagan cites Nazi and the Jazz Man is silent.

Elena Kagan cited a Nazi in her Thesis when she went to Princeton back in 1981. The Jazz Man so far has been silent on this because it’s OK for Leftists to cite Totalitarians.

Elena Kagan’s senior thesis at Princeton University, recounting the history of socialist politics in New York City, cited the theories of an influential German Marxist who notoriously switched allegiances to Nazism after Adolf Hitler attained power.

Werner Sombart was widely recognized as an academic proponent of Marxism and was once praised by Karl Marx’s colleague Friedrich Engels as the only German professor who understood Marx’s Das Kapital. During World War I, however, Sombart endorsed Germany’s “heroic” war against the “capitalist spirit” represented by England. In 1934, Sombart published Deutscher Sozialismus, which advocated the “total ordering of life” as an expression of the German Volksgeist, or “national spirit.”

In the introduction to her 1981 thesis, Kagan addresses a question famously asked by Sombart: Warum gibt es in den Vereinigten Staaten keinen Sozialismus? — “Why is there no socialism in the United States?”

Read the rest: Kagan’s Princeton Thesis Cited German Socialist Who Endorsed Nazis

The Jazz Man attacks R S McCain again for having a photo of Kagan in a German Uniform. However, he is silent on her citing of a Nazi as a source.

He’s an hypocritical Progressive.

(Hat Tip: The Osprey)

Leonidas Hoplite says Economy is good

Radical Progressive Leonidas Hoplite claims that the economy is booming. Never mind that  the economy lost 125,000 jobs and 600,000 people left the job market. AT LGF it’s all about the spin!