My Brother Icarus

Hi I’m Iapyx the brother of Icarus. Unlike my Kid brother I am a successful doctor and keep a low Profile. Icarus on the other hand loves the spotlight. Although he never amounted to anything other an obscure Jazz Guitarist, he believes he’s important. I admit it’s my fault it was my picking on him that made him do stupid things. He once didn’t listen to Dad and flew close to the sun and crashed to the sea. I apologize that my bullying created the Jerk we have today.

Below is when he used to play Guitars with his stupid overalls. I really used to bust on him for those!

Here’s another one of his songs.

I’m sorry for what I did and created this miserable person.

11 Comments on “My Brother Icarus”

  1. lapyx says:

    I’m sorry world!

  2. Macker says:

    So Iapyx, is it true that selrahC walked in on his wife getting banged by three guys?

    • lapyx says:

      Well Dad told me it was one guy. Icarus used to beat her. She showed me the bruises. So she found another man who treated her right. He was an abusive husband. I haven’t met his Un Mata Hari but knowing him, he beats her also.

  3. Doppelganger says:

    Get off my family tree lapyx


  4. poteen says:

    He’s chasing Nazi teapartiers again. Worrying about symbols.
    A nazi snipe hunt. Too funny.

  5. vagabond trader says:

    Good G-d y’all,he thinks the Tennesseee state flag is a neo nazi symbol.Calling Dr Thorazine calling Dr Haldol!

    Charles Sun, Mar 28, 2010 10:46:57am replyquote

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    Does anyone recognize the red flag being carried at the Washington anti-health care demonstration in this video of the Rep. Emanuel spitting incident?


    I’m fairly sure this is a neo-Nazi flag, but haven’t found the exact logo yet.

  6. snowcrash says:

    Hey Rodan, you should use a picture of CJ that is more accurate. These have to be 30 years old and might be too flattering. Maybe a picture from one of the recent interviews that reveals him in all his middle age glory. lol

  7. Speranza says:

    We had a visit by his scrotum licking flunky Space Jesus – who had to split in order to study for his Sociology midterms.

    • snowcrash says:

      I think all comments by spacejesus should be “redirected” here. That would be sooo funny. I don’t think we have the programming skillz to do that. Oh well, we do what we must. Topics at LGF must be boring again, nazis or tea parties or BOTH!